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Good morning everyone. Today on this glorious day, I would like to ask for your opinion. Do you agree that smoking should be stopped? As for me, I agree. Nowadays, smoking is considered a lifestyle. It is also known as a slow killer. The numbers of people who smoke have increased throughout the years. Although they have the knowledge about how unhealthy it is to smoke, they still loved it. It is a personal choice whether you want to be a smoker or not. So I would like to share why smoking should be ban in our country.

Smoking portrays bad habit to children. Children are easily influenced in their growing stage. They still cannot differentiate between what good or not. Not only children that easily influence this smoking activity, the teenager who see people smoke in public take it a precedent to smoke as well. There is a say that “monkey see monkey do”, which tell us that people imitate others to action. Teenagers happen to think that it is cool to smoke as it shows the matureness of them. About 30% of the respondents noticed cigarette advertisements in stores by age and residency (Ministry of Health, Malaysia, 2015). Hence, a lot of teenagers start smoking just because of seeing other people smoke as they think that, “Yes, it is okay to smoke”.

Secondly, without smoking, it will be a healthier lifestyle for everyone. Some countries are already banned smoking this is because they wanted their citizens to stay healthy rather than wasting their money on this that can kill themselves. Smoking in public can also affect other people health. This is well known as the passive smoker.  The effect for the passive smoker is they are more chances to get asthma, ear, and nose and chest infection. Beside that passive smoker also increase the risk of lung cancer and heart disease if they expose to the smoking for a long period of time. Statistic shows by Ministry of Health, Malaysia that 20-30 % of people that exposure to cigarette smoke are a risk of having lung cancer. So, smoking should be stopped to promote healthier environment not only for children but also for us.

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Last but not least, smoking should be banned because it will affect the environment. Air pollution is one of the examples. The smokes that are the cigar will pollute the air. this will impact other people’ s life as they have to wear a mask all the time. Other than that, it will be a stopper for people outdoors activities as it is not safe to stay outside.

In conclusion, smoking should be ban as it gives us more negative effect than positive. Don’t be selfish because it also affects other people’s life. I highly recommend for those that still smoking, you should quit smoking as it is dangerous not only for you but for us.

Thank you for lending me your ears.

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