God plays a
huge role in the American culture.  Since
the majority of Americans are Christians, most Americans believe in god. In
addition, followers of the Christian religion practice the Bible and believe
that there is only one god. By practicing the Bible, Christians strive to
perform good deeds, so that they will go to heaven when they die. Also, they
believe in God’s will, which is contained in the Ten Commandments. The Ten
Commandments help makes America a moral nation. By obeying the commandments,
Americans believe that it is wrong to murder, steal, or commit adultery (Cahn

I believe
Egoism also plays a huge role in American culture. According to James Rachels,
“Ethical egoism is, by contrast, a normative view about how men ought to act”
(Rachel 72). This means that people should only do things that are in their own
interests. Although this sounds cynical, I believe that Egoism helps us make
moral decisions. For example, Egoism would prevent us from committing crimes
because it is not in one’s best interest to go to prison. Also, Egoism pushes
people to do good things, so that they could go to heaven rather than hell
after death.

shapes the way Americans behave. Cultural Relativism states that different
cultures have different moral codes” (Rachels 56). Thus, Americans have
different moral codes than other societies. For example, Americans think it’s
ok to wear shoes inside the house, however, in most Asian countries, this
behavior is extremely disrespectful. In addition, our moral codes protect us
from crimes such as murder. Since our society taught us that taking a life is
wrong, we understand that we should not murder others.

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Part B

John Mill’s utilitarianism would be the best option towards making the world a
better place. According to Mill, ‘utilitarianism is to produce as much
happiness as possible” (Mill 118). By producing happiness for a great number of
people, society would feel less pain and live a healthier life. In addition,
utilitarianism argues that producing unhappiness is wrong. Therefore, if
society practices utilitarianism, there would be less unhappy people in the
world. Because happiness is the most important thing in life, it is fair to say
that Utilitarianism is the best option for a better world.

Because Kant
believed that lying is wrong, his moral theory would not be the best option for
making the world a better place. Believe it or not, lying is necessary for a
stable society. In fact, sometimes it is better to lie to others than to hurt
them with the truth. Lying helps protect feelings, and maintain relationships.
If we were to embrace Kant’s moral theory, many people would feel miserable after
hearing the truth, and relationships would end.

Aristotle’s virtual ethnics promotes people to do the right things, the world
may not become a better place. What if the right things for some people involve
crimes such as stealing or killing?  Because human behaviors are very
unpredictable, each person has their own viewpoint of what is good or wrong. If
everyone were to embrace Aristotle’s virtual ethnics, people would feel free to
do whatever they think to be right, no matter the consequences.

Part C

Sex change
operations are one of the most controversial topics in today’s society. While some
people view it as a sinful act, I believe it is ok. If someone strongly believe
that they are a women rather than a man, they should be allow to go through a
sex change operation, from male to female. After all, people have the rights to
do whatever they want with their lives.

if I were Bobbie’s boss, I would hold a discrimination meeting for all my employees.
During the meeting, I would advise them to treat Bobbie fairly and kindly. If
they choose not to listen, I would fire them because I will not tolerate discrimination
of any kind in my business. In addition, Affirmation Action would help me,
because it removes discrimination and supports equality in the workplace

Part D

The best
thing life ever taught me is to work hard. Thus, I strongly believe everything
in life is earned, not given. The person that influences me to work hard was my
dad. When I was growing up, I admired his great work ethic from working two
jobs, while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer science. His actions
inspired me to strive for good grades, and work hard for what I want.   

Death may be
scary, but it is also a gift from god. Because we are all going to die, we must
live everyday to the fullest. However, without death, our life would be pointless.
In addition, death also releases pain. Although it pains me to see my loved
ones die, I would rather see their suffering end than continue watching them experience
great agony. 

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