Globalization this field. I think Interpretive Method

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Globalization is the consequence of
fast and significant technological progress, geo-political changes and a
dominant ideology of regulation. Due to this unprecedented change, transformation
of the nature of work has also challenged the process of learning process and
suggests that policy-makers, decision makers, strategic planners, educators and
managers should adopt a change in their approaches to education which includes
less state involvement and more ownership, collaboration, participation and
agglomeraton of educational protagonists. In such circumstances, a prerequisite
for success in a global world is undoubtedly the autonomy of the individual as
well as respect for human rights which focuses on learning to live together and
also learn to listen and become informed-learning to learn.

If my turn comes up with the
opportunity to research regarding the issues of Education and Globalization, I
will focus on the contradictions between the trends of globalization and the
challenges facing education and the human rights agenda. For a fruitful global
integration, education is crucial as it entails the competencies regarding:
learning to be, learning to do, learning to learn and finally, learning to live
together. The respect for human rights, right to quality education for all
citizens is no longer in the responsibility of public authority due to
redistribution of power of state, companies, and news and media agencies.
Therefore, the upcoming challenges in the educational sector will be sector of
revealing interesting studies which will help to shape a constructive change in
current practice, its impacts and obligations. While working with Transparency
International Bangladesh (TIB) as a volunteer, I had a few chances to observe
the educational practice of my country, its shortcomings and progressive areas.
My first hand experience in this sector slightly introduced me to the area of
such interest. Now if I get the chance, I will be therefore, capable of
developing further required skills and experiences that I have already gained
to become a skilled professional in this field.

I think Interpretive Method will be perfect for such research. If my
questions are assembled based on the questions of why, how or by what means
everything is done, it will come up with observable outcomes. A deep focus
about my research topic will determine whether I should design qualitative
data, quantitative data or a combination of both. However, surveys, interviews,
questionnaires, observation, archival research will be developed from
underlying hypothesis and data will be analyzed with the help of updated
statistical software. There will be specific explanation on how the sample
population is being chosen, which data set is being analyzed on what ground or
the relevance of data in the current research. An accurate assessment of
relationships, patterns, trends, distributions, and possible contradictions will
be inscribed specifically. In fact, if my methodology leads to problems I can
anticipate, I will state this openly and show why pursuing this methodology
outweighs the risk of these problems cropping up. I am quite excited about the
fact that, learning such interesting subject like Education and Globalization
has numerous scopes to explore new ideas and bringing up effective methods that
will lead toward building capacities to participate in globalization and bring
positive changes to protect global human rights. 

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