Globalization increases the number of employment, adaptation of

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Globalization is the socialization and interaction among the people, corporation and government of different nations. This is the process of investment and international trade aided by information technology. Globalization affect the environment, culture, political system and economic development in different societies around the world. This is the openness of countries to accept or adopt what are the new things from other countries that could help their economic development. It shows the interconnectedness of each country

Globalization contributes to the progress of the country in a way, Globalization offers opportunities to the people who resides in a specific country. It increases the number of employment, adaptation of new cultures and accepting new products from different countries. Globalization is the ties of economic exchange and political agreement that connect nations and societies.

As a senior high school, we are expected to be more prepared in entering the labor force because of the K-12 education program. The K-12 program will help the students to become more competitive among other countries . Even before and until now, Filipino is known as one of the competitive country in the international level.

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In employment, Senior High School Graduate has a big probability that they will get job easily because of the K-12 program that help them mold their skills and ability on the field they are efficient and has a big help in the company and if they will work abroad, they can impart their own culture, knowledge and skills. The curriculum helps the students to be well prepared and competitive one.

To be enrolled and study in schools is one of our rights. It is an opportunity for us to learn a lot and to know new things in our institutions. It is a big help for us to know a lot of things thought by our teachers that will help us broaden our mind, enhancing our capacity to think deeper and to solve global problems and challenges.

As a Globalize country, we face a lot of global issues but it also help us to think what are the right things to take and what are the responsible action to make on the challenges that we are facing. Making Change is one way to contribute development in our country. And learning new things is a step to make change.

As a Senior high school we learn to be globally competent l. We learn new things from k-12 curriculum and we gradually understand the world. In school, we learn a lot of things not just in academic field but also lessons in life that can help us in making development in our country and in our life as a person.

Nowadays, Senior High Schools are in Millennial generation. Millennials are exposed to technologies particularly gadgets like cellphones, IPad, tablet and computer. And as we all know technologies are one of the reasons why people today are updated and aware of the issues and trends in our society.

In social consciousness, it is very important that students should be aware of what are the happenings here in our society. We must explore new ideas and experiences that will help us to be aware what are the current issues that our country’s facing.

Every now and then, our society is changing like the trends in gadgets, new designs of our clothing and many more. And as a millennial, we are adopting changes in our society. It’s not bad to be trendy or to suit in in this changing world as long as it will help you to progress as an individual to our society.



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