speeches has never been my thing, so I decided to take a speech class. I will
admit I was definitely nervous and scared about the class. Even though the
class has presented much, yet I can tell I will be more confident in speaking
in front of people after so many trials and errors.

first speech I presented was nerve-racking because I am not comfortable
speaking in front of the class. I did much better than I expected to do on the
second presentation, which was the Johari window. The Johari window helps me had
a better understanding of myself, and how others perceive me. It was fun and
scary to ask people how they perceive me. It made me think of me unknown self,
which I have never thought of before. Johari window presentation gave me the
courage to be able to tell someone about some of my hidden self that no one
knows about me. I have always kept that part of me to myself. The thought of
doing better than the first speech makes me feel happy and fulfilled.

love the group activity we did about the verbal and nonverbal communications. I
was able to communicate and do group presentation with few of my classmates.
Outside class activities have been very knowledgeable because I was able to
search the internet to get more information about the given topic.

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thing that I have loved about the class is the people in it. The student is
great and cheerful. Some of the students crack me up with laughter when they
are presenting their speech, which makes it lively and less nervous. I feel
like almost everyone is on the same page when it comes to the nervousness that
comes with speaking in front of people. So far, the class as definitely boosts
my confidence and less nervous knowing that I am not the only person in the
class that feels nervous doing an oral presentation.

 I can see that most of us are getting better
in our presentation and getting over our nervousness, which is a great
improvement for us. I would see the most important thing I have learned is to
turn my nervousness into bravery, to speak slower and audible for the audience
to hear me clearly, and to make eye contact with the professor and the
listeners. I still find them a bit challenging especially looking at the
audience, it makes me feel more nervous when presenting. Even though I still
have some faults to work on, I feel that before the class ends I will learn to
overcome them and become a good speaker.

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