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 Geographical influences effect a
target market. An Italian Trattoria located in the center of Rome would be
increasingly appealing to the tourists in comparison to a Japanese Restaurant.

Furthermore, the ease of Access which the business provides to consumers will
be attracted to purchasing the product in which the business is selling. Additionally,
showing the great impact which external factors regarding geographical
influences have on their businesses.

  A product being promoted can not use the same
marketing strategy, same slogan, same campaign for all it’s foreigners markets.Applying
the same strategy will only reach to failure because as we proved above
regarding the lebanese consumer, even in the same country we had to use two
different strategies to attract the consumer to buy the product so how come if
we plan to target consumers in different markets with different mentalities and
laws. A strategic planner has to know the differences between these markets.

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The marketer needs a knowledge and awareness about the differences between these
cultures for international marketing management. Companies should do their
analysis through their target audiences. The language, politics, traditions,and
perception. The differences between foreign markets determines the global

is a very important element for global marketing. Culture explains, determines
and help the marketers to understand their target audience. Because the target
audience is not just an entity to sell their products to nor,random people to
fool. They are individuals. They are individuals who have their own traditions
and codes. Cultures are different than each other and we can not say right or
wrong. Consumers from different cultures, have different values. It means they
prefer different things, they have different taste.Even in one culture wrong is
considered as right in other nation’s traditions.It depends from a culture to
culture like it depends from a person to person. Every nations has their own
values, their own rights just like individuals. We can determine these cultural
differences social structues, gender roles and attitudes. So the marketers with
the language need to pay attention to cultural factors.

We will state two authors that reinforced
our analysis.

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