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Geographic Features of A Region Has Important Effects on DevelopmentThe geographic features of a nation or region have an important effecton the development of that nation or region. This effect is apparent in many incases such geographic features as Japan being a group of islands or archipelagoand the rain forest in Latin America. This essay will describe the effects ofthese features on there nation.Japan is a group of islands called an archipelago. This influences thedevelopment of Japan because it limits the size of their usable land and sincemuch of the land is mountainous it leaves even less usable land.

The areaswhich are usable are heavily populated. Also another effect of the lack of landis limited farming. This leads Japan to one of there most plentiful resources,the ocean.

Most of the Japanese nutrition is from fish and other sea foods.Since there is so much water it effects the temperature. There are no very coldwinter or very warm summers. The ocean supplies for plenty of rain whichlengthens the growing season.Another instance of a geographic feature’s effect on a nation is theeffect of the rain forest on Latin America. There is an abundant amount ofrain in the rain forest (hence the name). The constant rain dissolves andwashes away many of the nutrients in the soil. There are pools of water layingall around which supply disease laying insects with a place to lay there eggsand spread disease throughout the nation.

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The large amount of moisture causesmold on clothing and other possessions.The above paragraphs show clear reasons how geographic features effectthere region and that there are many good and bad effects of these features.

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