Genetic testing involves an examination of the DNA molecule in order to determine if an individual’s genetic material shows a tendency to inherited diseases. There are different types of genetic screening like prenatal genetic testing, “in vitro” fertilization testing, preimplantation genetic diagnosis,and preimplantation tissue typing. There is a lot of controversy revolving around genetic screening, there are many different opinions surrounding this subject. Preimplantation genetic diagnosis is used when there is a risk that one or both of the parents carry disease causing mutations. So when a parent has a history of disease in their family that is caused by a known mutation can use preimplantation genetic diagnosis to select an embryo that is free of mutation. When an embryo is known to have an undesirable mutation the parents could decided to terminate or continue the pregnancy.Preimplantation genetic diagnosis can also be used for sex selection. Two arguments that are for genetic screening is that genetic screening can identify genetic disorders early in life so that treatment can start as soon as possible. And also can help people make informed decisions about managing their health care. Two arguments against screening is that it would lead to discrimination. Also it’s possible that the genetic testing may not provide all of the genetic mutations causing people to make difficult decisions without knowing the whole picture.Some potential future directions for this controversial field of study could be to protect the genetic testing results of people by law so that discrimination can be avoided. Also genetic information will be translated into clinical tests for the diagnosis of current illnesses and potential of future disease at risk. Another is that genetic testing could be automated. I disagree with genomics to make designer babies, although there are many alternatives to it, I believe that it would cause more tension and stress to decision making.

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