Gautama freedom. Buddhism also believes that the existence

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Gautama Buddha, who was a prince before forsaking royalty in order
to pursue liberation, started Buddhism philosophy. It was during the period of
pursuing liberation that he was enlightened and became a Buddha. Buddhist
philosophy is focused on promotion of freedom from pain and suffering of
humans, which is known as dukkha. According to the philosophy, human life is
full of pain, sorrow, trouble and impermanence and the opposite of that is what
everyone wants. This is one of the truths taught in the Buddhist philosophy.
The other truths are that, the pain and sufferings of the humans have causes,
which include selfishness while seeking the pleasures, cravings and the fact
that everyone is trying to get away from pain among others. Another truth is
that, one can be completely free from dukkha and finally a path is provided on
how to attain the freedom.

Buddhism also believes that the existence of everything was caused
by something or everything originated or came from something, which is known as
the causality chain that is circular. In the case where some factors in the
chain can be broken, for example, selfishness or cravings, then the ultimate
liberation will be achieved. This can be attained by practicing a number of
virtues, which include wisdom and compassion.

In the philosophy, one needs to go through eight steps in order for
them to be liberated. In the first two steps, one needs to understand rightly
the truth through the teachings, which is wisdom. This means that one’s thought
is free of malice, greed and other poisonous factors. In the next three steps,
one is supposed to conduct him or herself ethically, that is, speaking in the
right manner by telling the truth for example, and acting in the right way in
every manner, for example, by not killing, stealing, drinking and selling
liquor among others. The final three steps involve improving mental discipline
and the right state of the mind, which is accomplished through meditation like
vipassana. In this process, the mind is clears all kinds of energies and
leaving calm state of the mind that is filled with awareness that is pure. With
this process, one can attain complete liberation.

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