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Under the second category i.e. under abnormal circumstances, the military assumes the real power of a nation. When it so happens, generally the general (of the Army) becomes the real ruler of the country.

The civilian rule is overthrown by the military rule. At this time, the military not only defends the country but also maintains law and order throughout the territory of the nation. Under this dispensation, people are told to obey the authority.

Generally, military rule is characterized by dictatorial principles. The ruler rules the states according to his whims and caprices. He follows Louis XIV’s dictum “I am the state”.

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In recent times, military dictators, in their attempt to get legitimacy, have introduced el elections’ and thereby elected governments to give a lip service to democracy. Their democracy is regarded as guided democracy, because these elections are neither free nor fair.

Hence, democracy and elected government become mockery there. The attempt of Pakistani Military dictator Pervez Musharaf to get legitimacy is a burning example as to how a sort of guided democratic government is being run in Pakistan.

Thus, military rule involves a totalitarian government. As such it allows no pluralistic element in the State.

Further, it allows no opposition, what to speak of opposition parties? It has no ideology of its own. It assumes power suddenly to meet the existence of time and to serve a particular purpose. Military rule can be used as a medicine and not a daily diet.

Further, it has many demerits. It allows neither liberty nor rights to the individuals. Hence it is a curse and must be avoided at any cost. Often military rule is preferred to deal with emergencies. It is argued that military rule is resorted to for the removal of corruption and other malfunctioning from the political system.

This view is however far from the truth. Revilement and welfare hardly occur in it. Individual initiative is reduced to the zero. A sheep-mentality develops in the minds of the people in the military rule.

However, military rule is not a panacea. Rather it multiplies the suffering of the common masses. It is a curse. People act like dumb driven cattle in this set up. Hence, the role of military is highly essential as a helping hand to the civilian authority. But the rule of military is never required as an alternative even to the worst form of government.

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