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Functionalities and Concepts of Tableau


The greatest strength of Tableau is its speed with
that it analyzes many legion rows and offers the specified answers in seconds.
This quality comes in terribly handy once quick business selections have to be
compelled to be taken.

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Ease of use

Another strength of
Tableau is that it is terribly straightforward to use. It is simply basic drag
and drop. One will begin victimization Tableau even with no previous programming
expertise. With simply basic MS surpass skills one will simply learn Tableau.

Beautiful and interactive dashboard

The Dashboard of Tableau
is extremely interactive and offers dynamic results. Made visualizations will
be created terribly simply. The graphics and charts area unit good and
delightful. Images, websites and documents will be accessorial into the
dashboard for straightforward story telling. All this results in a way insight
into the info.

Direct association

Tableau permits the users to directly hook up with
databases, cubes, and information warehouses etc. The information access is
very easy with none advanced setup and the data is live that keeps obtaining
updated on its own. One will choose tables from spreadsheets to information from
Hadoop to form an ideal mash-up and find desired leads to no time. This can be
easy accidental business analytics.

Easy business and sharing

After analyzing the info, the results will be shared
brook simply a couple of clicks. The dashboard will be revealed to share it
carry on internet and mobile devices.

Growing market

Tableau is comparatively new within the Business
Intelligence market however its market share is growing on a day after day.
it’s being nearly all industries, from transportation to aid. it’s massive
shopper half-dozen base, that consists of massive firms like Microsoft, Nokia,
PwC and Deloitte. They use Tableau on a day after day to fulfill their business
Intelligence needs.

Dimensions and measures

Tableau categorizes each field from Associate in
Nursing underlying information supply as either a dimension or alive. A
dimension is qualitative or, to use another word, categorical. A live is
quantitative or agreeable. A live is sometimes variety however could also be
Associate in Nursing aggregate, non-numeric field, admire MAX (Order Date). A
dimension is sometimes a text, Boolean, or date field, however might also be
variety, admire Order ID. Dimensions give assuming to numbers by slicing those
numbers into separate parts/categories. Measures while not dimensions area unit
largely nonsensical.

Bertin’s Visual Variables and Perceptual Coding

Tableau has a section called Marks on the side. It is
pretty much made for visually changing any graph.


The position of map parts is very important in making.
Absolute location on a map can not be altered, however the position of labels
and data will have an effect on the viewer’s perception of a map.


The size of a label or image is what quantity house it
occupies on a map. Size variations square measure comparatively straightforward
to acknowledge, creating it a helpful variable. The scale of symbols will
convey data, similar to a quantitative quantity of one thing, or may be
accustomed attract a viewer’s attention (i.e., raising it within the Visual
hierarchy. Because of geographical options have AN actual size on the planet,
this cannot continuously be controlled, and generally works against the desires
of a geographer. as an instance, it may be troublesome to create a world map
within which Russia doesn’t stand out.


A form could be a straightforward style that has
accustomed symbolize associate degree attribute on a map. They reference a
location with a particular attribute. Totally, different shapes typically
correspond with different attributes. parenthetically if a map of a town
features a NGO on that then, the majority can assume that there’s some variety
of medical services provided at that location. Another example would be a star
on the map that denotes that a selected location is of some importance to the
reader. Some shapes are straightforward in nature and therefore are additional
abstract, whereas alternative shapes are additional pictorial and are simple
for the reader to grasp what is making an attempt to be sent. Shapes are
available many various varieties and may be employed in straightforward symbols
as to not confuse the viewer. Generally, shapes also are simply recognized in
distinction with each other. Some aspects of form are inherent to the
development being pictured and will not be simply manipulate-able, particularly
in line and region symbols, equivalent to the form of a road or a rustic. In
line and region symbols, form also can play a job as a part of a pattern,
equivalent to an area crammed with tree icons.


Color is that the visual sensory activity property
corresponding in humans to the classes known as red, green, blue, and others.
Humans typically understand three aspects of color: hue (the usually named
colors of the rainbow), saturation (the intensity or brightness of a color),
and worth (the lightness or darkness of a color).Choropleth maps usually use
color worth to differentiate between characteristics that are being mapped.


As a facet of color, price refers to however lightweight
or dark Associate in nursing object seems on a map. Price effectively conveys a
sense of “more” and “less,” Associate in nursing ordinal
measure; this makes it a helpful kind of symbols in thematic maps, particularly
choropleth maps. Price contributes powerfully to Visual hierarchy; parts that
distinction most with the worth of the background tend to square out most
(e.g., black on a white sheet of paper, white on a black pc screen).


Orientation refers to the direction labels and symbols
face on a map. Though it is not used as usually as several of the opposite
visual variables are, it are often helpful for human action data regarding the
real-world orientation of options. Common examples embrace wind direction and
the direction during which a spring flows.


Texture refers to the combination pattern created of
several individual symbols. Parenthetically, a dense network of lines
representing streets may conjointly convey the thought geographic region.
Associate in nursing equally spaced lattice of inexperienced dots may mean
garden, whereas a random distribution of constant inexperienced dots may mean



In Tableau, a story may be a sequence of
visualizations that employment along to convey data. You will produce stories
to inform an information narrative, offer context, demonstrate however, choices
relate to outcomes, or to easily build a compelling case.

A story may be a sheet, therefore the strategies you
employ to form, name, and manage worksheets and dashboards conjointly apply to
stories. At identical time, a story is additionally a group of sheets,
organized in a very sequence. Every individual sheet in a very story is termed
a story purpose.

When you share a story —for example, by publication a
book to Tableau Public, Tableau Server, or Tableau Online—users will act with
the story to reveal new findings or raise new queries of the information.


A dashboard may be an assortment of many worksheets
and supporting data shown in a single place therefore you will be able to
compare and monitor a spread of information at the same time. Maybe, you will
have a collection of views that you just review daily. Instead of flipping
through every worksheet, you will be able to produce a dashboard that displays
all the views directly.

Similar to worksheets, dashboards area unit shown as
tabs at rock bottom of the book and update with the foremost recent knowledge
from the information supply. Once you produce a dashboard, you will be able to
add views from any worksheet within the book. Every read you increase the
dashboard is connected to its corresponding worksheet. Meaning once you modify
the worksheet, the dashboard is updated and once you modify the read within the
dashboard, the worksheet is updated.


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