From imperialism”(Boy-Barret, 1977); “structural imperialism”(Galtung, 1979); “communication imperialism”(Sui-NamLee,1988).

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From the first
beginning, humans were on earth they were born with control instinct. With
time, this type of control took different names and different definitions. One of
these terms is imperialism. The type of imperialism that is most debatable is
cultural imperialism. Many scholars gave cultural imperialism great importance
and gave it a definition. Cultural imperialism is attached to media
respectively since media is a huge platform to deliver a culture from one
nation to another.

imperialism gained many definitions with time. First, in 1920s as it found in
the Oxford English diction ” The extension of influence or dominance of one
nation’s cultural over others, now usually through the exportation of cultural
commodities such as film. Music…”.   Also in simpler terms the culture of one large
and powerful country or an organization having an influence on a less powerful
country.   And after that cultural
imperialism has known several synonyms like “media imperialism”(Boy-Barret,
1977); “structural imperialism”(Galtung, 1979); “communication
imperialism”(Sui-NamLee,1988). In addition to “Salwen” a scholar in 1991 that
stated that the issue of cultural imperialism emerged from communication
literature about development and economy. Also Sui-Nam Lee who came up with a
different definition which is ” The process in which the ownership and control
over the hardware and the software of mass media as well as another major forms
of communication in one country”. And according to John Tomlinson cultural imperialism
consists of the spread of modernity and he believes it’s a process of cultural
loss and not expansion, and regardless of where the country is related the victims
of cultural change are all over the world. Last, all these international
scholars mentioned above formulated a definition for cultural imperialism
according to different sources and backgrounds. But all paid a closer attention
to both local and global aspects of the American and western cultural transfer,
and reached that the new term for cultural imperialism that is making people accepting
it more is the debate on globalization.  

Although many
scholars gave their opinion about the cultural imperialism and most of them
were similar, other scholars criticized the theory. Like Ogan that highlighted
in 1988 that the theory of cultural imperialism lacks explanatory power and needs
to be advanced beyond the level of description. 

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