From torn ligaments to occasional bad viruses, I know what it feels like to be the person in the hospital bed. What made those tough times better was the care and empathy of healthcare workers. Growing up, I always knew that I wanted to pursue a career in the medical field. I wanted to live a life of caring, helping, and providing comfort for others in hard times. Any career in the medical field would be one that would complement my character and personality. I want to enjoy the independence yet still work as part of a team. Being flexible is important to me and is something I can enjoy with a career such as a Physician’s Assistant (PA).  Being able to do these things, as well as feed my love of medicine and science, is a two-in-one dream that I will work on making a reality. That is what I want to achieve in my future: to help a patient in a time where every bit of care can make the tough times more mellow.I believe attending a world-renowned institution such as the University of Texas at Austin would allow me to better prepare myself for the future challenges that I would endure. My passion for becoming a PA can be strongly developed through the three objectives of the Strategic Plan that UT’s College of Natural Sciences (CNS) encourages: developing leaders, promoting discovery, and creating an impact. With one of the largest colleges of science in the U.S, and multiple innovate actions seeking to be met, UT Austin would be the optimal institution to “foster an environment that promotes such discovery, open inquiry, and innovation,” as the Dean of CNS, Linda Hickestated. While working with younger children through multiple community service clubs, my experience in guiding them towards the right path has only ignited my leadership skills. Through my persistence to learn and eagerness to innovate, UT’s accomplished staff offers a great challenge in the curriculum that I believe would mature my leadership skills in achieving the CNS’s project vision and in turn help me in a career as a PA.One future mission of mine that’s sparked by the goal of creating an impact is to hopefully be able to give back to where I came from. Whether it is at in the city that I grew up in or all the way across the world, I want to be able to remember my roots. Those underprivileged communities need the future generations to give back and help bring them up from the unfavorable conditions that they are currently encountering. That’s what I plan to do, given the opportunity to be able to pursue a career in the medical field. Hopefully, I am able get a team together and use medicine to benefit a group facing disease. Whether through using current medicine, or possibly discovering more efficient technology, one day I want to look back at what I have done in my life and be proud that I was able to give back to people who need it the most. Although I experienced some struggles throughout school, my determination has helped me overcome them. I turned feelings of doubt into nights of hard work and studying.  A turning point in my academic career was when I saw the fruits of my labor. My hard work and effort paid off when I made possible bad grades turn into As. This fueled the inspiration to keep pushing throughout the rest of my academic career to this point. Through dedication and the desire to succeed, I saw what I could really do when I put time and effort into my work. I am going to continue to input energy and emotional labor to carry out my vision and become the PA I strive to be. They say there are two important days in every person’s life: the day they are born, and the day they find out why. I believe I was born to help others through medicine. I want to help those in need, to give back to underserved communities, to dedicate my life to the study of medicine and use it for the greater good. 

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