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From the present day back to the earliest times, Uzbekistan is located between two rivers known as the Amu Darya and the Syr Darya, located died in the heart of central Asia. The history goes back for thousands of years of the nations who lived here on this territory. Then later that land was known as the motherland for civilization, and was also the most ancient in the world. During the epoch of bronze was when the future states of Uzbekistan started to form. For the Uzbekistan’s it was known as a very symbolic period for the history in Uzbekistan, because it was the rising of Zoroastrianism, and was also marked by appearance.  Bronze was also the time of Achaemenids empire, the first great and powerful empire on the Uzbekistan territory. Finally, after all alexander the greats campaigns came to a stop, the Uzbek earth had then become an important place Because it was one main trading center on the great silk road. With this be leading to high level of cultural contact between people of foreign traders and this earth. That then leading to an increase in religions. The dominant religion of Islam settled in Uzbekistan due to the arriving of an Arab campaigns. Buddhism Was replaced by Islam very quickly, that making Uzbekistan an important part of the Muslim world. After the time of rising, the Genghis Khan an invasion brought a great down. The awful distraction that destroyed a huge amount of culture documents was caused by the Mongol. Delete 14th century was a time of great Tamerlane the dynasty of timurids left a great mark in history and culture of Uzbekistan. Next was the dynasty of shaybanids Who ruled central Asia for century. Then in 1599 a new Dynasty of Ashtarkhanids arrived in split the state into three different partners Known as Khiva, kokand, and Bukhoro Khanates. With all indications of feudalism these three Khanates became very typical states in the 19 centuries. With the invasion of Russian forces been the most important event that led to modern Uzbekistan. In 1917 Turkestan was the Soviet republic and was included in to the structure of Russian Soviet federative socialist republic. During 1917-1921 was a very tough time for national freedom. Many leaders of Uzbekistan Were killed during the Stalin’s repression. For the Soviet Union and all its republics, the most awful and terrible hard period Was when war two began. After the collapse of the UUSR in 1991, Uzbekistan was finally able to gain its freedom become independent republic. Uzbekistan Country focuses consisted of building democracy and market economy. 

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