Frank Pennsylvania. Until 1963, the residence served as

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 Frank Floyd is an architect from America who
was born in 1867 and died in 1959. He majored in design and construction of
unique structures. His works had a very great impact on the 20th-century
architecture in America. He designs were unique and seemed to be way ahead of
his time. Most of his works got an amazing recognition both within the country
and overseas. After the great architect’s death, most of his designs were
recognized even more. Below is example of some of his designs that are
considered one of the best by various bodies of designs and even by the public


 This is considered by many as his best work of
design. From previous studies and researchers, this work stands out as the most
artistic and the most beautiful design amongst the other works that he did
during his time.  The house was
constructed from 1936 to 1938. It is located over a waterfall in Fayette
County, Pennsylvania. Until 1963, the residence served as a summer holiday camp
for Edgar Kaufmann and his family. It was later given to the Western
Pennsylvania Conservancy for public viewing and other official duties. It
serves as a museum too.

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Home and Studio

building served as the official residence and studio for Frank Floyd (Hojnicki,
2018). He operated from this place for two decades. During this time, he
designed over 150 residential buildings. The building is now under the care of
Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust.  A
non-profit making organization, which has kept it in shape ever since and
presents it to the public for viewing.


house is one of the fine arts done by Frank Floyd. It was designed and
constructed from 1908 to 1910 a period of 2 years (“Famous Buildings of
Frank Lloyd Wright”, 2018). The family though did not enjoy their new home
for long. Robbie’s house is currently a National historic site. The house has
changed its ownership several times until it was later acquired by the Frank
Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust which restored it and opened it to the public.


house was designed by Frank for Aline Barnsdall, an American oil heiress, at
the hills of Hollywood between 1919 and 1921. The building was meant to be part
of a mega project except for the theatre complex that was never finished. The
building has been included as part of Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings. In 1997,
the building was made a National Historic Landmark by the United States of
America government.


house was built by Frank Floyd at Taliesin West as his residential home during
winter in 1937. The same building also served as his studio and at the same
time as a school to the architectural students some of which he couched. The
beautiful house is where Wright Foundation is currently based, carrying all
their operations from this place parallel to the school of Architecture that is
also based at the same place. Taliesin West is a no exemption as it has also
been open for public viewing.

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