For 2012 Cambodia’s population was recorded at

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For my
country of interest I selected Cambodia. 
While researching the different countries
in the provided list, I found Cambodia interested me the
most. Not only did the terrain interest me, but the tourist attractions looked
really exciting. Additionally, this Country is fairly close to Thailand;
Thailand is a Country I have always wanted to visit. Because of these reasons, I
believe learning about Cambodia will enhance my knowledge of the area
geographically. Moreover, I have
family who has travelled to the country and the pictures are outstanding which
further influenced my decision. Throughout my paper I will
be discussing Cambodia’s geography, culture, governmental systems, legal
systems, GDP, and some of the contributing business partners. In
conjunction, I will touch on significant positive
 effects of globalization taking place in
Cambodia. Ultimately, based off the information from my previously listed
elements, I will explain what type of industry/company I would invest in. 

is located in south East Asia, with Thailand located to the north, and Vietnam
to the south. The capital of Cambodia is Phnom Penh, which is positioned in the
south-central region. Unlike Canada, winter is Cambodia’s dry season; from May
to October the country receives 80% of their annual rainfall.  In addition, Cambodia covers 181,035 square
kilometers; 176,515 square Kms of land and 4,520 square Kms of Water. Interestingly,
Cambodia is the 90th largest nation in the world (“Where is Cambodia,”
2018). In 2012 Cambodia’s population was recorded at 14,952,665; the people of
this country are called Cambodian’s and the language spoken is Central
Khmer.   While researching Cambodia, I
discovered some fascinating information regarding the mountains. These mountains
located in the southeast area of Cambodia are called Cardamom Mountains and the
Elephant Mountains. In the north are the Dangrek Mountains. The mountains in
the northern region are somewhat low in elevation; the highest peak being 5814
ft. The Cardamom Mountains house two nature reserves: Mt Samkos Wildlife
Sanctuary and Mt. Aurel Wildlife Sanctuary. 
Interestingly, “Today
Cardamom mountains are the largest unspoilt area in the mainland of Southeast
Asia” (“Cardamom Mountains,” (n.d.).  Within the Cardamom Mountains, there are quite
a few native animals residing. Some of the species are highly endangered, they
include: Sun bear, Pleated gibbons and Siamese Crocodiles. In addition to being
a habitat to endangered species, the Cardamom Mountains are an infamous tourist
attraction for people from all over the world. Many tour groups offer a variety
of activities such as, adventures, boating, trekking, cycling/mountain biking,
hiking, and motor biking.   Although the
mountains are some of the more recognized geographic treasures, the Mekong
River is also very significant to Cambodia. This river is the largest river in
the nation, it starts in the Mainland China and runs through Myanmar, Laos, and
Thailand eventually entering the country of Cambodia. Without a doubt
Cambodia’s geography is spectacular but, they also have an established culture.



took its current name in 1989, prior to that it was called Noko Kokthlok. The
previous name Noko Kokthlok meant “Country of the island of trees”. Cambodia
has a very unique culture making it an extremely intriguing country. Cambodian
culture is known to be very welcoming, “even the
poorest Khmers will do their best to share food and water with rich foreigners
(and the fact that you have made the effort to travel to Cambodia defines you as rich to the vast majority of Cambodians)” (“Cambodian
Culture,” n.d.). The way of greeting each other in
Cambodia is called “Sompiah” this takes place with “a slight bow with
hands together in front of your chest, fingers pointed up” (“Cambodian
Culture,” n.d.). This is most commonly used when visiting private homes in the
country. Moreover, Cambodia is infamous for impacting travelers to take a much
more relaxed approach to their everyday life. 
This may be as a result of the religion practiced in Cambodia being
“Theravada Buddhism”.

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has over 100 export and import partners, the top 5 partners they export
products to are: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and Canada.  Currently, they export 4267.30 KHR Billion. (1 Cambodian Riel equals
.00025 US Dollars) The core material exported from the country is textiles,
which covers 70% of the exports. In addition to textiles, other major exports
include: vehicles, footwear, natural rubber and fish. Also, Cambodia has many
import partners; the top five being: China, Thailand, Vietnam, Other Asianes
and Singapore. The main resources Cambodia has imported are: petroleum
products, fabrics, vehicles, wholesale yarn, cigarettes, communication
equipment and medicine.


government, Cambodia is a one party dominate state. Currently, the party in
power is the “people’s party”. In 1998, Hun Sen became the countries Prime
Minister and he has attained power ever since. Although Hun Sen has had a
lengthy run as the Country’s Prime Minister, parliamentary elections are held
often; every five years. The Kingdom is run according to the nation’s
constitution which was enacted in 1993. Within the constitution there are
elements of parliamentary, representative democracy. The constitution addresses
civil rights which entitles all people to the same rights regardless of sex,
religion or race. All people have the right to be paid for the quality of work
performed. Unlike many other countries, male and females are entitled to equal
pay. In addition, the constitution states all rights around privacy and freedom
of speech. 


The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) value
of Cambodia is .03 percent of the world’s economy. In 2015,
Cambodia hit a record
high of 18.05 USD Billion; the record low was from 1972 and was recorded as .51
USD Billion. Cambodia’s latest GDP Annual Growth rate is 6.9% with the highest
recorded at 13.30%. Moreover, the current GDP per capita is an all-time high of
1078.40 USD.

is one of the top growing countries in the entire world, which supports the
increasing GDP. With an increasing GDP the effects of golabization are
positive. These effects can be seen in the education system, tourism and

I had the opportunity to invest in a business in Cambodia, I would choose
either a tourism type business or textileclothing. Both of these continue to
show increases. With tourism increasing, most all other business will see
increases as well, either of these would be good choices. 

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