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For woman in Japan, it is considered rude and unattractive to open your mouth wide. Men on the other hand, do not share this same stereotype. Ochobo, is the term which defines this behavior and also limits the amount a woman can open her mouth while eating.

Freshness Burgers is burger chain located in Japan. They noticed their sales of the largest burger offered on their menu, was primarily only enjoyed by it’s male diners. After evaluating the sales, the burger chain attributed the dwindling sales of its largest burger known as “The Classic burger” to Ochobo. “Ochobo” is a term in Japan meaning it’s attractive for woman to have small mouths and to never open them widely while in public. After locating the locus, Freshness burger’s crafted a wrapper that covers the mouth’s of it’s female diners with a picture of a pleasant small smile. After implementing the new wrapper, female diners “Classic Burger” sales amplified by 231% said Rega Jha of the

The Modest Mouth, and A Japanese Burger Chain Made Face Masks So Women Can Eat Burgers Elegantly, describe: the struggle Japanese woman have with self-concept and the negative perception perceived by men while eating large burgers. How one clever burger chain was able to overcome this bias and create a solution that increased sales and empowered woman to eat large burgers more comfortably, while still maintaining their face.

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Freshness Burger’s attribution to woman not ordering the larger burgers due to Ochobo, led them to create packaging that increased the sales of larger burgers among woman and made woman more comfortable eating the larger burgers because they were not viewed opening their mouths wide while in public. The wrapper provided a covering, that would enable the woman to eat without fear of being seen as unattractive. Both the woman diners and the burger restaurant were able to receive positive out comes from the newly designed wrappers.

Japanese woman can now enjoy large burgers at the burger restaurant named Freshness Burgers. This is all thanks to a newly designed wrapper, that was created because of a Japanese believe “Ochobo” it is unattractive for woman to open their mouths wide in public. The attractive mouth on the new wrappers, has increased the consumption of large burgers at Freshness Burgers by its woman diners, while still respecting Japanese culture.  


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