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2. Scene before Exam—Hall

April is the cruelest month.

Though T.S. Eliot, the great English poet wrote it in philosophical vein but it is true for students too, most of whom have their exams in the month of March and April. So many thoughts pass through the minds of students within a little time before the exam begins. A scene before the examination hall presents an interesting sight because we can witness various kinds of students in their various fluctuating moods. About half an hour before the exam, the students begin to arrive at the examination center. Generally they are accompanied by their parents and relatives.

The candidates exchange greetings with their friends. Many of the students still remain very busy with their books. Some of them discuss their problems loudly and in anxious moods. Very few of them are confident and look around quietly.

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The first bell rings and the hustle-bustle gradually come to a halt. The students leave their books outside and enter the examination hall. With the second bell, question papers are distributed. There is perfect silence in the examination hall for three hours, except for one or the other student asks for supplementary sheets, water or permission to go to the toilet. When the time is over, the strain of anxiety disappears and instead a note of relief can be perceived amid the loud discussions and chattering of students. 3. How I Celebrated My Birthday

People have various views about birthdays.

Some people laugh when they see someone celebrating his birthday, because they opine that the birthdays signal that we have lost one more year of our life. But some people celebrate birthdays with all pomp and show. Usually, I invited my friends on my birthday and then we used to have a lot of fun eating and chatting together.

But this time inspired by my father, I decided to do a ‘one good work’ on my birthday. I rose early in the morning and went out in the kitchen garden. With me, was the little, nascent plant of tuberoses? I dug up a little and planted the tree and watered it.

My father clapped from behind. It was indeed a new experience. I felt as if I had done something creative. I decided that day, that I would always plant a tree on my birthday.

4. Why I Consider Myself Lucky

No life is perfectly blissful. Pessimists see the glass of happiness half empty and the optimists find it half filled. I am an optimist and I consider myself lucky, because I have loving parents and an affectionate sister. I lead a comfortable life. By God’s grace, my parents have money enough to provide me with sufficient education and many physical comforts. Nature has bestowed me with a heart of a poet and a mind of a scientist.

Things are pretty smooth around me. I want to love and to be loved by all the people around me. I have a few but nice and helpful friends. Life is full of disparities. I know that it will not always remain as smooth as it is now.

Yet I’m sure that I’ll face the ups and downs of life confidently and successfully. All my efforts have been crowned with success until now. I believe in myself and my luck and am sure to be welcomed by greater success and achievements. Can anyone desire more than this to be lucky? 5. A Funny Incident in the Class

Various funny things keep taking place in our class. Our class is called the naughtiest class in the school. Nevertheless, in presence of a teacher, we try our best to maintain discipline.

One day, our English teacher was teaching a lesson on the advantages of science. It was very hot. Moreover the lesson was very boring and tedious. Our teacher was trying her best to make it interesting by referring to some or the other thing else than the lesson.

Suddenly she stopped speaking. We could not make out the reason of her silence. All the eyes traveled back as she reached the backbench on her right side. There the reason of this sudden silence was! One of our classmates, Rohit was sleeping unperturbed. He was not only sleeping, he was snoring too.

Our teacher called his name but in vain. Then a neighbor of Rohit shook him up from his sound sleep. Rohit opened his eyes to the reality of the situation. He at once stood up awkwardly murmuring apologies. He looked perplexed.

The teacher for a moment did not say anything. Then she smiled bowed a little and said, “Good morning Rohit”, and the whole class gave way to the suppressed peals of laughter.

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