First, wish to organize more social events to

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First, I am eager to play a strongrole in the HealthBusiness Association (HBA). With a solid background in theregional trade business of healthcare products throughout Asia, I envision leveraging my connections to organize overseas company visits tovarious Asian corporates. These experiences will provide students opportunities togain global exposure and meet potential employers in the Pacific Rim.  Second, I will uphold aleadership role in the Family Business Association (FBA). Workingat my familybusiness gives me insights into the uniquechallenges family businesses face, includingfamily traditions,culture, and interests. I would like to share the challenges I faced andexplore family business issues withother members.

I will also open a blog to keep members updated withfamily-business related issues and cultivate engagement in the Anderson Family. Moreover, I plan to actively engagein the Women’sBusiness Connection (WBC). I have been inspiredby my mother, my role model and mentor professionally and personally, to become a successful businesswoman.Therefore, I would like to inspire more women leaders in both Anderson and the community. I would love toshare my experiences in NGO and volunteer work where I learnt the importance ofcommunity and the power of diversity. Ialso wish to organize more social events to foster gender equalityand women’s empowerment.

 Finally, as an alumna I will use my professionalposition to strengthen the Anderson brand in my country and support studentsand alumni, my Andersonfamily, around the world.

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