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Homework: angel investor Omar IDRISSI Nowadays, all world is around the economy. As an angel investor, the goal is to earn money in a fast and not risky way. During one month, I analyze the figures of a few companies in the official Gazette, where there are announcements of balance sheets, income statement and dividends. My analysis focused on 4 major companies: TECHNOPRINT, UNIBRAND, ON-LINE FASHION, AMAZON VENTURES.

The two companies that caught my intention are TECHNOPRINT and UNIBRAND. After few meeting with some friends financial advisors, I decided to invest 10million euro by buying shares. This investment choice is crucial for, me because I see in these two companies a promising future. The financial statement analysis shows that the result and dividends are rising on the three years ago. Regarding UNIBRAND, according to the CEO, sales will increase by 10%, with the opening of 20 new sales offices, and excellent sales in South America and Asia.

And the new is that the company will soon launch a new product (new perfume). In terms of TECHNOPRINT, managers expect an increase of 12% of sales. The strategy is to target low-cost countries to reduce costs, and with a new printer they plan to dominate the market, which could be a real competitive advantage. For all this reasons, I think I would do well to invest 5 million euro in each company. My belief and business sense let me say that there are major opportunities in these two companies.

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