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Final EssayHistorically, blacks have been treated the worse out of all races. In the book “Ghettoside” by Jill Leovy, who was the reporter in the LA times for over 20 years explained how 50 percent of all homicide victims in LA are all blacks when they are only 6 percent of the population, and a lot of people have serious misconceptions to answer to this problem. In the TV shows, media and social study classes in highschool, they focus more about Black Lives Matter movement when black person is treated brutally, or killed. But this gives false idea about real problems that black communities are facing. The real problem that black communities are facing is not mistreatment of police, but “black-on-black crime.”According to criminal justice professor Richard Johnson in University of Toledo, “the chance of being killed by the police officer is almost same as being struck by lightning”(Pather). Also according to the data by FBI, 90 percent of homicides involving blacks were committed by other blacks. Black on black crime is the most serious problem in the African-American community, and many of African-American people are witnessed by the black on black crime. The black on black crime has caused many problems in U.S., and it is still constantly rising in many communities. Black on black crime is mostly caused by distrust between people and legal system. In order to restore people’s faith in the legal system, African-American people should be helping each other instead of killing each other to bring back the right legal system in their communities. Studies have shown that 1 in 140 black males are in the danger of crime death. And this studies show that black men are most likely to be the victim of crime death out of all races. On the other hand, research from Justice Statistics reported that 50 percent of a total of 43 homicides in Arkansas in 2008 were committed by black on black crimes. Although, “race-on-race” crime is not a unique case to African-American. Most of other races are also victimized by same races But it is true that majority of homicide victims are blacks. Blacks only make up 13 percent of U.S., but almost 5 percent of homicide victims are black.In the U.S., “the main reason that cause the death for African-American in age of 16 – 30 is the homicide”(Health equity). The use of violence takes in place tremendously in the black communities, and violence is what it means to be in their communities because historically, African-American communities have created their own justice system to protect themselves. Because of discrimination and failure of protection, black crime went out of control since late 1800s and early 1900s. It was true that the state law was not on the African-American’s side no matter what their situation was. The police brutality and mistreatment of law enforcement were a hopeless situation for African-Americans. Police were always on white people’s side, even when black homes were viciously set on fire by whites, police would intent to arrest black people for arson. These patterns of discrimination made black people not feel safe, and they were forced to deal with their own problems using violence instead of calling police, because they did not have any faith in them. Handguns were used very commonly by African-Americans, and they were used to people before they think twice. Police officers were only cared about safety of whites, so if African-American man was shot by other African-American man, the police officer would generally stay out from the incident. The only time when the court worked with black crime was when the victims of crime was white and those cases were always solved unfair. They were always punished unfairly whether it was their fault or not. The story of “Scottsboro Boys’ is the famous story that explains the unfairness of court discrimination in early 1900s.The nine black boys were sentenced to death on the court because of the rumors that white ladies started. The police officers were not cared about black on black crime at all. The only time when the police officers cared about African-American victim was when if they were useful to the white victims. Often, the bad court discrimination started riots, and the only way that African-American deal with disputes was to use violence. African-American people were able to rape, injure and kill other African-Americans without being punished by the law. The most important reason for black on black crime is probably because of bad court ruling and police brutality. Many white people sometime try to explain that black on black crime is started because African-Americans are naturally violent and evil, but those statements are clearly not true. African-American were subject to the world that slavery inculcate in them. Because the law failed to protect African-American people, there is no wonder why black on black crime has raised steadily.For many decades, police brutality has been an issue, the violence by the law enforcement in the United States is the major concern in minority communities. Research has shown that police officers’ attitude is different depending on the area that they working in.When they are working on the good district, police officers are nice to a citizen because citizens are nice. However in the poorer district, most of the officers act like they are the boss. Citizens hear responses that makes police officers feel superior and want citizens to recognize their superiority. In the article “The Black And Blues,” a lot of incidents involving police misconduct are reported. One of the incidents involving the black woman was evicted by the police because she was four months behind paying the rent. Another involved a middle-class black family was awakened at late night by 500 members of terrorist task force who came to search them for committing jailbreak and robbery. During the search, they were all treated horribly. They were searched without pants or coats. But after the search, none of the family members were charged with any crime. There are some of the organizations that provide services for the people whose rights have been violated by any law enforcement. However, only few lawyers will take a cases, because simply it takes too much time to take action against police, and it may difficult unless they were videotaped. With these realistic concerns, our civil rights can be defeated by misconducts. People need police because the role of police officer is to maintain the order in the community. They have authority to enforce laws, so they can arrest, and search to maintain the order. Sometimes they use rough treatment such as brute force to fight against criminal who violates law to threat somebody’s life. The only time when they should use brute force is when they need to stop law violators to protect the public. On the other hand, because government gave the police the right to use force under the circumstances, and we need their protection, we shouldn’t use the media to cross over the line and give misconception to public. People believe things that they see on social media and television, and wrong informations can cause problems over the issues that are not so true. One of the popular issues in media is the police brutality. Every time when police uses force, media reports it as police brutality, and this gives the wrong impression to people that all police are violent. Media should know the difference between police brutality and authority to use force. But police officers should not abuse their power to hurt innocent people, and government should make laws that can stop them walking around the streets and beat up on people. It is the serious problem to misconduct by any officers. Allowing police misconduct is like letting your house set on fire. Any discrimination or racism against people should be eliminated in society.Back in late 1800s and late 1900s, the most important thing that played the role was race. But in modern society, the class level is now the thing that plays a role. When African-American families have similar income levels as white families, the rate of crime is relatively similar. Many of “black on black crimes” happen in poorer area, and because the wealth gap between black families and white families are huge, black people are more likely to live in poorer areas than white people. So eventually, the issue of killing each other is not because of the race, it is the issue of poor on poor crime. But the question is, why is the poverty causing the crime? It is not the easy question to answer because the crime happens in many different areas with different reason. Crime has been around the world and there is no question that it will always exist.To answer the question about the problem, we must know the connection between poverty and crime in order to have better understanding of those two. Crime can be defined as an act against the community which can result the punishment by the law, and poverty can be defined as an economic state of having little or no money to provide comfortable living. Research shows that about 20 percent of Americans are living in poverty and there are many reason that causes the poverty. The main factor that causes poverty is because of lack of education and unemployment. In today’s world, it is now getting harder and harder for people to find jobs that can support comfortable living for themselves or their families. And especially with low education, it makes them much difficult to find jobs. When people are living in poverty, they are most likely to abuse the drug because drugs are easy to get in the poverty area where are surrounded by drug addicts and dealers. The use of drugs and alcohols are substance that is strongly linked to a lot of crime cases in the world. The research shows that areas with high drug use are always linked to high poverty areas. The drug dealing has always seen as an easy money making job, but the introduction of the drug is a first step to tear the community apart, because drug related crimes are deadly. Drugs break the communities apart in many different ways. Since the drugs are addictive, people will do anything such as, murdering or rubbing in order to get them. On the other hand, gang violence can be an another factor that causes crime in poverty areas. Being a gang member means that you are going to break the balance of the community. Gang members kill people, abuse use of drugs, and other acts that brings danger to the community. Poverty is related to gangs because some people see the gang as the way to get out from the poverty. Though poverty is not always related to poverty, but it is clear that gang members are often poor and lack of education. Also gangs are commonly located in high poverty area, such as LA and Mexico.So what are some of the solutions that can be done or being done about these problems? I believe that the police must keep work hard to solve more murder cases and try to wipe out the crime in poverty areas, no matter the race of the victim. In the place where poverty and crime are high, it is hard for people and police officers to have strong bond in that area. Often times when there is no faith between the two, it is difficult for detectives to solve cases due to lack of information from witnesses and time. According to the LAPD police chief in Los Angeles, 50 percent of cases of black victims are unsolved because they were not able to collect any information from witnesses. In areas where crime rate is high, most of people are likely to look for their own interest, not their neighbors. This makes very difficult for police officers to gain control over crime situation. People either merely refuse to help police officers or they are just too afraid of talking to police officers. Studies show that areas with high poverty rates are likely to have low levels of “civic community” which means the community works together in order to maintain the balance that brings stability in their neighbors. Other studies show that people who are living in communities where crime rates are high see the crime as a normal. The activities of the gang, drugs, and murder made people believe as a normal part of their society, therefore it is difficult for the area to be changed by a positive change. The policing is a huge part of controlling the crime, when it is easier for the criminals to get away with crimes in poverty areas, the police should be active in the communities in order to gain trust from the people.The crime and its causes have been studied over the past decades. Some researchers say there are no relationships between unemployment and crime, but some have found that unemployment, graduation rate, population, divorce rate are directly related to crime. They have found that when these variable rates rose, crime rates also rose. The studies show that relation between graduation rate and crime is interesting because it could affect on unemployment and individual’s income. It may be due to the lesser job opportunities because most of the skilled jobs require higher education and unskilled workers tend to make less money and they could be easily replaced. Study conducted in Ohio State University by economics professor Bruce Weinberg shows that crimes involving poverty are mostly burglary, mugging, and vehicle theft, but crimes involving violent, or sex assaults do not have any relationship with poverty. Studies continue to prove that unemployment do not cause the crime rate to go high, while the relationship between two is a tenuous. The fact remains that a person who is committing crime is making their own choices no matter what their economic status. A person does not turn into an instant criminal when they are out of the job. There are many factors that leads to criminal activity, not the person’s employment status.In conclusion, people today are more concerned more about police brutality in their communities, when the violence against each other is more bigger problems. Most of African-Americans are victimized by other African-American and whites are mostly victimized by other whites, not by the police. The poverty is the main factor that contributes to the crime. When the households were below of the federal poverty line, the crime rates consist of both blacks and white doubled compared to medium income households. Because there are no trusts between police and people in their community, people are using violence as a legitimate tool for solving their problems, and it makes it hard for police officers to start solving cases because people refused to give any information to them. In order to restore the right legal system in their community, people and police must bond strongly together to eliminate crime in their community.

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