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August 30, 2009 The Fijian Islands Fiji is one of the most beautiful islands in the world and is known for its beautiful beaches and majestic scenery. Although Fiji has a romantic and majestic image, there are many facts you should know before embarking on a business adventure in the islands. First, Fiji is officially called the Republic of the Fijian Islands, which consists of 322 islands and 522 islets located in the Pacific Ocean. (Fiji) Many of the small islands are coral formations just above sea level and are uninhabited.

The countries motto is Rerevaka na Kalou ka Doka na Tui which means “Fear God and Honour the Queen”. The island of Fiji is located in Greenwich Mean Time and is on the left side of the International Date Line which means that when it is Noon in the Pacific Standard time zone then it will be 7am the following day in Fiji. (Fiji) Knowing this information is very important before we are able to do business in a country, but it is not the only thing. We must know where the country is located and many of its most important attributes.

When looking at a map, you will find the islands located near the continent of Australia/Oceania. There are a large number of islands scattered about to the east of Australia but Fiji precise location is 18 degree 00S latitude and 175 degrees 00E longitude. (CIA) (see Fig. 1) The Pacific Ocean has been split into three regions, which are Micronesia, Melanesia, and Polynesia. Fiji belongs to the region of Melanesia which includes islands such as the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Papua, and Tonga.

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Fiji is located to east of Vanuatu and to the west of Tonga, with whom Fiji shares its nautical borders. (world ) The border of Fiji extends out 12 nautical miles from the island. (See fig. 1) In the small map of Fiji (see fig. 2) you can see the two main islands which are Viti Levu and Vanua Leva. These two islands house the majority of the population of Fiji. The island of Viti Levu is the largest isle and is home to 70% of the Islands population or about 600,000 residents. (Fiji) Fiji’s capital city: Suva is located on the south east corner of the island f Viti Levu. A 2007 census reports the approximately 85, 691 people live in the city of Suva, which is about the size of Chico, California. (Fiji) There are three major airports that serve the Fiji. The International airport, located in Nadi, is the main gateway to the island and serves 1. 2 million people per year. This airport is very popular because it is located near the Yasawa island group, which is very popular with tourists. (Nadi). There is another airport in Nausori which is located 30 minutes outside the capital city of Suva.

Suva is the commercial and political center to the island of Fiji and is home to many activities. In Suva there are over 78 parks such as the Thurston gardens which is a beautiful area to watch the sunrise and sunset. Suva is also home to many museums that host ancient Fijian artifacts. (suva) Not only is Suva a place for recreational activities there are also areas of commercial and retail shopping. Suva has 3 shopping malls to accommodate not only city but suburban dwellers also. One of the major attractions of Suva is the University of the South Pacific who made its home in an abandoned New Zealand military base.

Suva is also home to the island’s largest port for import and export of goods. With Suva being the capital of Fiji it is only naturally that the city is the home to many government buildings such as the parliament house, governor’s home, and the city library. (suva) The country of Fiji has many small cities that inhabit the many different islands but there are five major cities that house the majority of the population. These cities were built around important landmarks such as airports, government buildings, agriculture, and ports of call. Below is a chart of the five largest cities on the islands of Fiji.

All information for the chart has been provided by Wikipedia. |Cities |Population |Location | |Suva |85, 619 |Capital City of Fiji. South east | | | |corner of Viti Levu. The city is home | | | |to the country’s largest port. |Lautoka |52,220 |Second port of entry. The heart of | | | |the sugar cane growing region. | |Nausori |47, 604 |Home to the 2nd largest international | | | |Airport, which serves Suva.

Located | | | |outside of Suva and home to a major | | | |rice mill. | |Nadi |42, 284 |Home to the largest international | | | |airport.

Largest entry point for | | | |tourism. | |Labas |27,949 |Located on the isle of Vanua Levu. | | | |Situated on a in a delta where three | | | |river meet. The two main islands of Fiji are of volcanic origin; therefore there are several low mountain ranges throughout the two big islands of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. The biggest peak is called Mt. Tomanivi and is 4,341 feet high and is one of Fiji’s biggest physical features. (world atlas) Fiji has four major rivers that flow from the central mountain range of Mt. Tomanivi outward. The river of Rewa is the largest river on the island and stretches out 100 miles to Laucala Bay. (Fiji Islands) The Sigatoka River flows on the western side of Mt.

Tomanivi to the coast and is used as a way of transportation through the island. The other two rivers; the Ba and the Navua are smaller but still flow through very rugged mountain terrain. Two of the islands sugar mills were built on these two rivers. While Fiji is has an interesting flow of mountain ranges, rivers, beaches and small islands that make up its physical features it is still important to study the maps to get to know the island. With Fiji’s growing population and increasing number of tourists coming to the island the opportunity for a successful business on the island is rising. pic][pic] Figure 1:Map of Oceania Figure 2: Map of Fiji Work Citied “Australia Oceania: Fiji. 30 Aug. 2009. C. I. A. World Factbook. 01 Sept. 2009. Central Intelligence Agency. “Fiji. ” 03 Sept. 2009. 04 Sept. 2009. Wikipedia Free Encyclopedia. < http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Fiji. > “Fiji Islands. ” 03 Sept. 2009. Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia Online. . “Nadi International Airport. ” 22 Aug. 2009. 04 Sept. 2009. Wikipedia Free Encyclopedia. “Suva” 30 Aug. 2009. 02 Sept. 2009. Wikipedia Free Encyclopedia. “World Atlas Travel”. 04Sept. 2009. .

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