Fashion change in fashion in respective places.

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Fashion is a popular style or
practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, hairstyle and
body. The history of it emerged in Persia, Turkey, India, or China where early
western travelers remark the absence of change in fashion in respective places.
It is also a trend that influences social, economic, and cultural changes. The
four major current fashion capitals are located at Paris, Milan, New York City,
and London, which they held the fashion week in the cities where designers
exhibit their new clothing collections to audiences. Every generation has their
own style and aspects of fashion can be masculine or feminine and they follow
the current trends on what they see; though textile colors and patterns changed
from year to year (Thornton). Following the fashion trends is a great way for
an individual to express themselves and enjoy what they are doing. In this
essay, fashion trends reflect the impact on society that will be analyzed.

Fashion is a trend that keeps on changing
and it has more positive or negative effect on people nowadays, regardless,
fashion has grown to become influential and popular. Fashion trends have different
kinds when it comes to style in 2017 that every woman love: The New Athleisure,
Rainbow-Bright Stripes, Street-Chic Utilitarianism,
New Shirting, ’80s Glam, Bra Out, Hardened Romantic, Xxxxl Bags, Insta-Worthy
Earrings, Statement-Making Slogans, Flatforms, And Long Navel-Grazing Pendants.
These styles updated in 2017 spring’s major trends and fashion style, known for
elite world of fashion. However, it seems that they have their own significance
and concept of styles in different cultural perspectives. Thus, it influenced
the society how fashion can change which creating current and future

Moreover, current
fashion trends have an impact in our society. It influences social, economic,
and cultural changes. In social change, with the influence of social media,
celebrities and bloggers, people can easily see them with the use of internet
and it plays significant role when it comes to it. In economic change, it
influences on how you spend and look for enough and better options. As we
undergo a global economic downturn, the “Spend now, think later”
belief is getting less relevant in our society (Berelowitz, 2015, 40).
People have different needs when it comes to fashion, so the companies will
research to ensure and provide what the customer’s needs. Lastly, fashion
influence also cultural context of an environment. Nowadays, people tend to
search some new trends in other countries, like in Korea, China, London and
America, and they are adopting the style of it, that’s why the culture has changed.
Thus, the people and company set the trends that make lifestyle interesting.

Fashion is a trend
that keeps on changing which emerged in other countries. It is based on time
and it changes as well which history repeats itself and it brings back the
style of the previous generation. Therefore, fashion has an impact in our
society that influences social, economic, and cultural changes. 

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