Farrar chainmail armor. Rockets would not exist,

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Farrar IMary Cassidy FarrarBostromPeriod III6 December 2017Gunpowder “China’s history is marked by thousands of years of world changing inovations:….gunpowder” said Gary Locke, former governor of Washington. Gunpowder has been extraordinarily important to this world, it has changed and impacted our society in more ways than one could ever imagine. Without the invention of gunpowder, society today would be chaotic. Groups of people are always complaining about how guns are to dangerous and violent. The truth is, if we did not have gunpowder, we would not have guns, we would have bladed weapons, and those are much more violent than bullets. Gunpowder was invented by the Chinese and uncovered to Europe in 1242. Gunpowder acquired its name in the 1320s when it was used in the first gun. This amazing invention was needed because the Chinese troops could no longer rely on their usual assortment of weapons (swords, knives, catapults, spears, crossbows, etcetera). This solved that problem. Soldiers could now go into battle with guns instead of blades. The guns were also more reliable and could be easily loaded. It was also a good thing that a troop would not lose their weapon because the goal is not to hit the target with the gun, rather the bullet inside of it. Without this invention today, society would be a mess. People would be rioting on the streets with pitchforks and torches. If one would think that guns are too violent, with scary blades and brutal weapons, one would be Farrar IIoutraged. If gunpowder was not invented, today’s soldiers would still have a need for chainmail armor. Rockets would not exist, they need the explosive to perform like they do today. Countries would have no defense and would be easily invaded with a new ruler and a whole new type of government system every generation. Monarchy would still be a problem and non-government citizens would be forced to obey whatever laws were presented to them. This brilliant concoction of potassium nitrate, charcoal and sulfur has evolved during the 1242 – 2017 time period. At first, gunpowder was believed to be a powder meant to rub all over one’s body in order to become immortal. I was later discovered that it was explosive, and putting it all over oneself would not be the best idea. Guns were originally one to three foot long barrels of brass or iron connected to a long wooden pole. The shooter would grasp the pole with one hand and used the other to ignite the gunpowder through an opening in the barrel called the “touch hole”. Early guns, although reliable, required a difficult process to shoot and were not lethal. Innovators later replaced the pole with a wooden handle called the stalk. In 1411, the matchlock was invented, a slow-burning twine that would ignite the gunpowder when the flame reached the explosive. After this, more and more tweaks were made to the gun until it became what one would call a gun today. The world is a more orderly and safe place due to the invention of gunpowder. Without it, the world would have no defences against itself, except for brutal weapons and maintain a standing army. Countries would be chaotic, countries would be empires, dynasties, monarchies. It has impacted every single life and will continue to as long as it exists on this planet.The armed Farrar IIIforces are fighting with efficiency, the wars have been fought with effectiveness. This has been a truly wonderful invention, even if it has shed blood, but has never caused it.Ancient weaponry is violent, brutal, it has provided people with the tools that they need to kill in horrible ways. Gunpowder has undone that, it may seem like it has just engendered the killers, but it has not. It has helped society evolve and create, it has helped society become safer and it has reduced blood shed in this beautiful world. It has changed the lives of so many people and they have benefited from it, regardless of what one may think. The world has evolved into a better place because of gunpowder.

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