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Famous Members of the RAND Corporation

Research and development (RAND) is a non-profit
organization that is based in America. The company’s primary aim was to offer
the United States armed forces to research and analysis created in 1948. The
group has since then grown into a big company and assists other countries and
private organizations (Cohen, Deborah 56). The members of the RAND Corporation
that facilitated its development are;

1.    John Von

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John is regarded as the foremost mathematician of his
time. He considered being the last representative of the great mathematicians
like Hilbert, Poincare, Gauss, and Euler. He was the founder of the operator
theory application to Quantum Mechanics, game concept development and the
concept of Cellular Robots, the general numerical processor, and constructor.
His analysis of the assembly of self-multiplying lead to the unearthing of the
deoxyribonucleic acid construction (DNA).

Neumann worked on the Manhattan project during World
War II, developing models for mathematics that is behind the fiery lenses that
are used in the implosion-type nuclear-powered gun. Later in World War II, He
worked on the general advisory committee of the United States of America
commission of the atomic energy and one of the commissioners later on. He
worked as a consultant to the United States Air Force, Special Forces project
of the Armed Forces. John worked out the critical steps in the nuclear physics
and got involved in the hydrogen bomb and thermonuclear reactions.

2.    John

He was an American theoretician who made significant
assistance to game concept, differential geometry and the scholarship of
partial differential calculations. His work has delivered a perception of the
factors, which govern decision making in daily life on complex systems. Forbes’
theories are applied in economics. John Forbes won the Nobel Prize award in the
field of economic science

3.    Thomas C.

Thomas is the founder of the center for international affairs.
He joined the RAND Corporation by becoming a researcher. He participated
through the contribution of the Copenhagen Consensus.




4.    Edmund

Edmund became famous by the research he conducted
while at the Yale’s Cowles foundation concerning the financial development. His
demo of the excellent law investments rate, an idea that was related by Neumann
and Maurice, that stated a wave exploration about how countries should exploit
on the existing consumption somewhat than save and invest for the coming groups

5.    Henry H.

He was an American general officer who was holding an
overall army grade and the air force general. He was the founder of the RAND
project that evolved as one of the largest world non-profit organization
(Dalkey, N. C. 57). He was one of the first military pilots in world history
and the first rated pilot in the United States of America. He rose to command
the military of the United States before its entry into World War II. Arnold
directed the expansion of 800 first line battle planes and 20000 men into the
biggest and commanding air force in the world.

6.    Kenneth

Kenneth was a political theorist, mathematician,
economist, and an American writer. He won the Nobel Prize of economic science
in the year 1972. In the field of finances, Kenneth was a person in post-world
war II neo-classical economic notion. Arrow has as well provided opening work
in many areas of economics.

Kenneth Arrow served in the military as a climate
general in the army of the United States air force from 1942-1946. He then
became an assistant professor in the Chicago University where he taught
economics and at the same worked at the RAND Corporation in California. Kenneth
was the founder of the self-important School of communal sciences and an
affiliate of the board of science at the Santa Fe organization.

7.    Bruno

Bruno was born in German. He was well informed in the
field of Mathematics and Physics. He made tremendous contributions in the field
of space and technology, Ballistic Missiles research and Satellite Antimatter.

Bruno worked in the field of aerophysics at the North
American Aviation on various projects, which include Weaponization of the V-2
rocket, powered ramjet vehicle and later on the Navajo Missile. He then joined
the RAND Corporation where he served as a subcontractor and a mentor in the
year 1949. While in the RAND Corporation, Bruno developed an interest in the
long-range missiles. He (Bruno) led a team, which was to examine the research
on lighter re-entry speeds, smaller warheads, and the mathematical bomb
destruction models.

Augenstein laid out an analysis in the year 1954 RAND
Memorandum. The documented drew a program to the United States of America that
would provide a new level of strategic power and regarded as the most crucial
document of the history of missiles,



8.    Robert

Robert is an American Israelite mathematician. He was
a member of the USA national academy of science. Robert is the founder of the
stony brook center for game theory. He received the Sveriges Riksbank Nobel
Prize award in the field of economic science in memory of the late Alfred Nobel
for work in cooperation through game theory analysis and his work on conflict
in the year 2005.

The most significant contribution of Robert in the
field of mathematics and science is the realm of repeated games, which is a
situation that players encounter when they play their game now and then. Robert
was the first person to define the concept of correlated equilibrium in the
theory of gaming, which is a type of stability in a non-cooperating game that
is flexible, compared to the classical Nash equilibrium.

9.    J. Paul

Austin was the chief executive officer, chairperson,
and president of the Coca-Cola Company. With the leadership of Austin,
Coca-Cola achieved a tremendous growth, which saw its earnings increase from
46.7 million dollars to 567 million dollars. Under his leadership, Austin
achieved marketing the Coca-Cola Company, whereby its advertisement and
branding had a global impact.

Paul became a member of the RAND Corporation where he
served as a chair during the year 1972 to the year 1981. He was also a member
of the council of foreign relations and the Trilateral Commission.

10.    Paul

Paul was a pioneer in the industry of development of
computer networks. He invented the packet switching, which dominates the Data
communication industry up to date in the whole world. Baran started up his
company whose primary aim was to develop more technologies that are crucial in
the modern digital communication field.

Paul joined the RAND Corporation in 1959 where he
designed a communications system that maintains communication between two ends
in case of damage caused by nuclear weapons. During the time of cold war, the
military of America used the high-frequency communications and connection
channels, which might be tampered with in a nuclear attack environment for many
hours (Rich and Michael 46).

Paul decided to improve the previous work of Franklin
R. Collbohm by automating it while in RAND Corporation by the use of an
emergency communication channel that uses the amplitude modulation network and
proved that a destroyed relay node of the wave could survive in such an

11.    Richard

Richard bellman was a mathematician born in the United
States of America. He introduced the concept of dynamic programming in the year
1953. He as well introduced essential ideas in the field of mathematics. During
the World War II, Richard worked in the division of theoretical physics in Los

Bellman joined the RAND Corporation beginning the year
1949 under which he developed the concept of dynamic programming. Later,
bellman changed his interest and started to put more emphasis in the field of
medicine that he identified as a frontier of contemporary science.

12.    Barry

Barry was a software engineer from the United States
of America. He was a professor in the field of computer science and the systems
engineering industries. He was the founding director of the department of
software systems engineering at the Southern California University.

Barry Boehm started working as a programmer and an
analyst at the general dynamics in the year 1955. He later joined the RAND
Corporation in the year 1959 where he worked as the head of information science
until the year 1973 (Hunt, Priscilla, Sarah Hunter, and Deborah 89). His
research in the field of computer science was in the software development
process, software engineering environments, software requirements gathering and
the software architecture.

13.    Harold L.

He is a physicist in the nuclear weapons effects.
Harold established the simulation of a nuclear explosion when he was at the
RAND Corporation in the year 1950. Brode is the co-founder of the R & D
Associate group, the chairperson of the nuclear agency of the United States and
SAGE (scientific advisory group for effects) group. He is a master in the
atomic weapons industry.

14.    Bernard

Bernard was an American who served as a military
strategist. He was well known for the establishment of the basics of nuclear
strategy. Bernard joined the RAND Corporation where he met with other
strategists like Herman Kahn. While in the RAND Corporation, Bernard and others
strategized on atomic warfighting theory (Anderson, J. M. 89).

When he was working with the RAND Corporation, Bernard
wrote a strategy in the missile age in the year 1959, which explored the basis
for deterrence. While at the RAND Corporation Bernard advocated the funding of
the army personnel to ensure socialist through restricted war.

15.    Samuel

Samuel Cohen was an American physicist credited as the
father of the Neutron Bomb. Samuel joined the RAND Corporation in the year
1950, where he advanced his intense research on the fallout radiation. Samuel
was responsible for the recruitment of Herman Kahn into the RAND Corporation.

16.    Walter

Walter is a retired American astronaut. He
participated in the war where he was serving as a fighter pilot with the marine
of the United States Marine Corps between the year 1953 and 1956. He helped the
RAND Corporation for three years before joining the NASA selection.

Walter later joined the NASA in the year 1963 where he
acted as a pilot where he was busy on the testing of the launch of an Apollo
manned mission, whose aim was to test the accuracy of the spacecraft system and
the module of ignition of the engine.

17.    Linda

Linda is the president and the CEO of the Institute of
learning policy. She has written some books and articles on the field of
educational practice and policy. She majorly focuses on the restructuring of
schools, equity in education and education for teachers. Linda was Barack
Obama’s educational advisor. She was also president Obama’s chief campaigner.
She was among the secretaries of education in the United States during
President Obama’s administration.

Darling-Hammond, on completion of her doctorate, she
joined the rand corporation in the year 1985 where she worked as a social
scientist. She was the senior director and the human resource program while in
the RAND Corporation.

18.    Donald
Wills Douglas

Douglas was an American engineer in the field of
aircraft industrialization. Douglas designed and built the Douglas Cloudster
named after him. Even though this project did not succeed in performing its
intended work, it was the first airplane that carried a massive load than its

He later started up a company known as the Douglas
Aircraft Company in the year 1921. Under the leadership of Douglas, the company
became one of the world’s largest aircraft industries.

Douglas was highly regarded as an engineer and an
entrepreneur. During World War II, Douglas proved himself prescient. He laid
out confidence in the industry of aircraft, whereby he laid out a strategy of
opening up other small sectors that would be producing small batches of
airplanes. These made the company grow in size and made it the fourth largest
company in the United States of America.

19.    Daniel

Daniel is an American activist and a former military
of the United States. When the RAND Corporation employed him, he participated
in the national political controversy in the year 1971. It is on this year that
he released the Pentagon papers.

Daniel formulated an essential example of the
decision-making theory. He has a voice support for the WikiLeaks. He was
awarded the Livelihood Right Award in the year 2006.

20.    Alain

Alain is an economist from the United States of
America. During the year 1961 to 1965, Alain was a deputy secretary assistance
of the defense force. Later, he got a promotion and became the assistant
administrator of security for system study between the years 1965 to 1969.
While acting as an associate secretary of the resistance and system
examination, Alain was a member of the RAND Corporation from 1965 to 1969.
During this time, Alain was acting as the economist in the RAND Corporation.

21.    Francis

Francis is an American political economist, author,
and a partisan scientist. He wrote the book “The end of history and the last
man.” He has been a fellow at the center for democracy and the rule of law in
the University of Stanford since 2010.

Francis Fukuyama is a member of the forum for
international democratic studies that was founded by national endowment for
democracy. He was a member of the RAND Corporation where he worked in the
department of political science from 1979 to 1996. Francis is now a member of
the board of trustees within the same organization.

22.    Horace
Rowan Gaither

Horace Rowan was as an attorney in the San Francisco
republic, an investment banker and a ford foundation administrator who was
dominant. During World War II, Horace served as an assistant director at M.I.T
radiation Laboratory. In the Year 1948, Horace helped in the founding of the
RAND Corporation where he served as a trustee until the year 1959.

23.    James j.

James was a computer scientist and a cryptographer.
James Gillogly worked as a computer scientist at the RAND Corporation, where he
specialized in the development and design of systems. He also specialized in
the field of computer security.

James has written several articles about computer
cryptography and technology. He was the president of the American Association
of encryption. However, James Gillogly is well known for his work of debunking
words that have unsolved codes. He is also one of the renowned authors of
personal computer software, the writing utility program that was published in
the beginning of the year 1980.

24.    Michael
D. Rich

He is the president of the RAND Corporation and the
chief executive officer that is the highest-ranking position of the
corporation. He has led the rand corporation since the year 1989.

Michael is also the Chairman of the panel of the
RAND-Qatar organization policy. Rich also chairs the graduate school of the
Pardee RAND’s Admissions Board.

He was involved in
the establishment of the research and analysis of the RAND Corporation in the
Middle East.

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