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Many characters in “Macbeth” result to wearing false faces in order to hide a feeling that the character or characters doesn’t want another character to know. Lady Macbeth and Macbeth must wear false faces in order to kill King Duncan and Banquo. When MacDuff questions Malcom he must wear a false face in order to find out who’s side Malcom is on.

All characters must wear false faces in order to get done what they need to get done, either in killing people or to find out information.Lady Macbeth has to wear a false face when King Duncan comes to their castle in celebration of Macbeth’s bravery during the past battles. When Lady Macbeth hears that King Duncan is to leave the morning after the feast, Lady Macbeth says to her husband that he won’t due to Macbeth killing him that night.

Lady Macbeth uses hypocrisy when she asks when Duncan is leaving. The night of the feast Lady Macbeth Puts on her false face and acts like she normally would. Macbeth is surprised at how well she is able to decieve King Duncan. She dances and treats Duncan with her upmost respect. After the feast the is over and everyone is sleeping Lady Macbeth does away with the false face and tells Macbeth to kill Duncan. The next morning when everyone finds out about the death of the king Lady Macbeth puts on her false face again and acts as if she had nothing to do with the murder.

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Macbeth must wear a false face not only when he is plotting to kill Duncan but also when he is thinking up a way to kill Banquo. After Macbeth is crowned king, he wants to get his only threat out of the way, Banquo and his oldest son Fleance. When Macbeth hears that Banquo is going riding for the day of Macbeth’s feast for Banquo, Macbeth see’s this as the perfect time for him to get Banquo and his son out of the way. Before Banquo and his son go riding, Macbeth asks Banquo not to miss his feast. Banquo answers by saying that he wouldn’t miss it for the world. This is another use of hypocrisy. Even though Macbeth knows Banquo is going to miss the feast because of his death, he asks him if he is going to be there anyway.

After Banquo is killed Macbeth goes back to being king.MacDuff has to put on a false face in order to find out information from Malcom. MacDuff being the smart man that he is tries to find out who’s side Malcom is on. MacDuff wasn’t sure if Malcom would side with Macbeth or himself. MacDuff said that if he was king he would rule just like Macbeth, with an iron fist. Macduff acted like he had no heart. This is the third use of hypocrisy.

Even though MacDuff said that he was going to rule in an evil way, he wasn’t. He was trying to see if Malcom would respond to this in a negative way and he did. Malcom and MacDuff end up coming together to bring Macbeth’s life to an end. MacDuff kills Macbeth and Malcom is crowned king.Many of the characters in “Macbeth” result in wearing false faces in order to fulfill something.

Many of the characters succeed in what they wanted to to do, for example killing Duncan and Banquo, and for MacDuff swaying Malcom to join him. I think Shakespeare uses false faces and hypocrisy to make the play more tragic and evil.

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