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Nowadays, watching movie is one of the most popular hobbies for people in their pass time. Every month an estimated 80 or 90 movies are produced in around the world. Although different people have different taste in watching the genre of their own and everybody judges films with his own view, I generally believe that the movies must be privileged by some special factors such as professional actors and actresses, perfect drama, special effects, music and so far and so forth for being considered as good movie.

Here on, I will try to make myself as clear as one can be on my proposed idea. Without a doubt, the first aspect of an attractive movie is its actors or commonly called: Stars`. As an instance, when going for watching movie, I first ask myself who the actors playing in this movie are. Because they are the people who could change a movie to a box–office-hit movie whit their professional act.

Definitely, A good movie should give the real feeling to its audiences at home or to the movie-goers and Obviously the expert actors give an outstanding performance in film. Also, drama or the film script has a main role to create a perfect movie. In another word, an expert writer should write a plot in the way that movie seem attractive. In my opinion, the writer must possess a perfect sight about the subject and roughly have some real experience.

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Otherwise, He or she should have an academic education in this profession. It is very significant for a drama to be based on the writer knowledge about how to write it and develop it to make a fantastic movie. To conclude, there are plenty of factors that come together to make a high quality movie. Audience must draw their attention to know and analyze these factors to collect an excellent movie. To me, a good movie is a movie that you could recommend it to every one!

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