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are they?

You may have the heard the term “fillers” before. As the definition
goes, fillers are basically used to fill in loopholes or spaces that are either
empty or lacking on some front. In line with this, come facial fillers. Facial
fillers are a marginally invasive treatment intended to revitalise the natural
beauty in your face; simply done by filling in the wrinkles and lines, in order
to restore volume that may have been lost in the skin. It is an option chosen
for skin, to get back the look it once had or to generally improve skin texture
and feel.

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If you’re unsure about whether or
not to go ahead with facial fillers, a simple consultation with an expert can
help to clarify any confusion or answer any questions you may have. Do keep in mind;
a consultation is not in any way a commitment. Rather, its there to help you
explore your options.

the BEAUTY TREATMENT best for you

Taking into consideration
the time and age we live in, especially with the continuous advancement of
technology, there appear around us a host of choices to help make your skin not
only look great but also feel great. The choices range from serums and creams found
over the counter, to several other increasingly prevalent and popular non-surgical
cosmetic treatments such as Hyaluronic Acid (HA) fillers, laser peels,
microdermabrasion, and even wrinkle relaxing injectables. These options
have one promise in common- to give you a younger, fresher and perhaps even
healthier looking skin! Most often, once you come across the option that works
for you, you tend to stick to it.


However, as we age and as the clock ticks
away, our skin changes due to factors such as- facial muscle, bone tissue and mass
losing volume, which affect our complete face shape. So what can you do
when an already tested beauty system no longer works? Looking for alternate
options is one way of moving forward.  

Smoother, fresher and
healthier looking skin can be achieved by essentially every woman, no matter
her age, simply by replenishing or refilling Hyaluronic Acid (HA), also known
as nature’s moisturizer. This is a sugar that is already naturally present in
our bodies and helps keep our skin smooth, persuasive and graceful by binding our
water molecules. HA is noted in retaining water, which results
in decreased wrinkles and increased smoothness– this can sure sound like good
news for those wanting fresher looking skin!


Facial fillers aim to get
the moisture where the skin needs it most, by placing Hyaluronic Acid within
the skin’s layers. Many of the serums and creams available in the
markets contain HA these days, attesting to improved results for short periods
of time, yet they may not prove to be so effective.


Whether it’s defining your jaw line by rebuilding
lost volume, smoothing wrinkles or lines around your eyes or enhancing your
lips for a fuller smile, facial fillers could be the beauty option for
you. With so many women around the world selecting facial fillers as their
mode of beauty treatment – the results speak for themselves.

Read on and see if facial fillers can be the
right choice for you.

NOTICEABLE changes we see in our eyes

When it comes to our skin, both the
ageing factor and environmental factors take a toll on our skin. There are of
course unhealthy factors that we can attempt to bring under our control, habits
such as bad diets or the amount of sun exposure our skin receives; but other
factors, particularly how our skin changes physically over time, cannot be evaded.


the dreaded appearance of lines and wrinkles around
the eyes


The skin
under our eyes is a significant part of our facial skin, it is surrounded by moisturised
skin that is rich with Hyaluronic Acid. Not to mention, the skin under our eyes
is a sensitive area requiring much of our attention as the years move forward. As
we age, our skin cells produce less Hyaluronic Acid, leading to less water
being retained within the skin, which dries out giving out on its volume and
elasticity, making it more open to wrinkles, owing to repetitive expressions.
The thin and dry skin also makes the cheeks look more and more droopy. Often
times, this can be due to weight gain or loss as well. In addition to droopy
cheeks, the bone structure and core muscle also change, magnifying the depressions
around your eyes, leading to a sunken and tired look.

Where does the volume


Ageing is
a daunting process for many. Along with wrinkles appearing, through the ageing
process, we actually lose a bit of fullness in our temples, forehead and eye
socket. This is the pocket around your eye, which highlights these
features. Your eye orbits increase in size, leading to a look of sunken
eyes. The facial skeleton also changes, leading to further changes in
volume. As the fullness leaves, your eyebrows begin to droop and the skin
under your eyes starts to get even thinner, with both bags and dark circles appearing.

Many women apply creams in order to add moisture back to their
skin, or choose to skillfully coat on make up to cover up wrinkles. However, if
you would rather not opt for cover up options- Juvéderm® facial fillers could
be for you. Putting volume back into central areas around the eyes with
Juvéderm® fillers
can help you get the refreshed look you want.




Juvéderm®, a Hyaluronic (HA) facial filler, can fill temples to
reduce hollowed appearances around the eye area and give your eyes a more well-defined
edge. Juvéderm® is also an alternate used to fill deep folds around your eyes
in order to decrease their impact on your appearance. See the results.



With time,
our face bones and tissues begin to lose volume. Our charming high
cheekbones become less and less defined, and we are left with somewhat of a
droop within our cheeks. You’ve probably tried make-up techniques and
perhaps even facial exercises to generate momentary defined cheekbones, but
have you ever wondered about what exactly is going on under your skin?

The loss of youthful cheeckbones


With the
loss of Hyaluronic Acid within the skin, we lose much of the youthful
elasticity of our cheeks, which makes them look saggy. The fat pads on our
cheeks start to skid down and produce greater force on our nasolabial fold; this
is the line that joins the tip of your nose to the corner of your
lips. This process makes the fold appear more pronounced, lines become
more and visible on the face and the youthful look starts to fade.

the loss
of volume filled cheeckbones 

We all love a little volume in our cheeks, but what happens when
that volume moves away from our face? Do we lose all of it or can it be
restored naturally? With the physical changes over time on our face, one of the
main things people notice is our loss of bone and facial fat. As our cheekbones
change in structure and provide less support for the overlaying facial fat, the
fat begins to move down towards the lower portion of our face, defining our
age, and giving that no-so-appealing saggy look.


HOW CAN JUVÉDERM® HELP with the cheeks?


Juvéderm® is a Hyaluronic Acid (HA) facial filler that joins with
the water that is already present in your skin to reinstate lost fullness and
smooth wrinkles and lines. Adding HA deep within the skin helps
to reinstate its youthful elasticity. What’s more is, by adding
volume tactically to the midface area and by heightening the curve of the
cheekbones, we are able to lift the lips, lower face and cheeks. 


You can see noticeable results right after your treatment, so you
can enjoy your revitalized look without delay. The end results are
natural-looking and are clinically proven to last up to 24 months, depending on
the products used. As such, its best to ensure you go through and have a look
at the whole process and list of products that will be used prior to the


See stories of results here.

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