Extremism or religious views.The Declaration of Human

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Extremism Does Not Stop at the United States BorderHistory 30Research EssayRenzelle Horner”All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.” The definition of extremism is the holding of extreme political or religious views.The Declaration of Human Rights explains that every person is free to have their own thoughts and beliefs, no single person has the right to abolish another’s beliefs. It protects freedom of religion and of thought, though extremism still happens. We hear of many instances in the United States but it is beginning to grow also in Canada. There are various causes to extremism; a fundamentalist has strong feelings and ideas that controls others, stereotyping the diverse, it can also grow from a feeling of historical injustice. Canada has a relatively peaceful past regarding extremism but extremism is beginning to become an issue in our country. When Desmond Tutu defined extremism he said, “When you do not allow for a different point of view; when you hold your own views as being quite exclusive, when you don’t allow for the possibility of difference.”  When a person is close minded and allows their own ideas to control others, this can turn into extremism. This is more common in Canada than people think. According to Barbara Perry, who is a professor in the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, there has been a thirty percent increase in hate groups this last year. There are over one hundred white supremacy groups, and many people who support white supremacy across our nation. It is becoming more common throughout homes and news channels now feature stories giving incidents where extremism has occurred. A recent article was featured by CTV News on December 6, 2017, giving information about a Mosque shooting in Quebec City that happened on January 29, 2017. There were six people killed and nineteen injured while they were attending evening prayers at the Islamic Cultural Center of Quebec City. Extremism comes from stereotyping “the other”. When a person holds onto their own ideas exclusively. Research shows that extremists make more prominent judgements. “Self-categorization theory suggests that extremists represent the world in relatively polarized terms only because, and to the extent that, similar others are more similar to them and different others are more different from them than is the case for moderates.” These ideas have recently spread and have been more common in Canada than they have been in the past and could continue to increase. Our neighbouring country, the United States and their president Donald Trump have been very vocal about the changes they are making involving their immigrants. President Donald Trump has been embracing the Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy Act, which suggests ideas like putting a cap on the amount of immigrants accepted into the United States and many others that may cause separation throughout the country. These changes could cause polarization throughout the country making extremism even more common and could continue to expand these concepts into Canada.Hatred growing from a feeling of historical injustice can lead to extremism. Wanting revenge and to feel like justice has been earned. “The lack of opportunities and social equality can make young people see in this extremism the only way to express themselves.” Social inequality can lead to the attitude of ‘If you aren’t with me, you’re against me’. In Canada we have had many instances of historical injustice in our past such as; The Indian Act of 1876, Residential Schools, The Chinese Immigration Act of 1885 which have lead to a sense of isolation away from the rest of the country that can lead to anger.People are fearful of extremism in Canada, we see it happen around the world and assume it will not come to Canada but it has already begun. When the word extremism or terrorism comes out people feel like they need to be protected. It affects our country by dividing the Canadian citizens and turning people against each other.”There are various sources to extremism, it can cause damage in countries and try divide countries. Canada is influenced by its surrounding countries and feels impacted by the decisions they make. It can cause issues like extremism to increase as it increases in individual countries. Our past can also create a footprint for our future, all injustices need to be resolved to have an impartial future. Extremism may become more frequent in our culture depending on all these factors in the near future.

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