The recognised for fumigation of export cargo.

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The EIAs also undertake inspection on a voluntary basis, when desired by the foreign buyers. To ensure that the export cargo meet the specific conditions prescribed in the Export Trade Policy, the EIAs also carry out inspection of products such as meat and meat products, Indian made foreign liquor, stainless steel products, etc., as required under the Trade Policy.

The EIAs have also been authorised by the Government of India to issue certificates of origin under the Generalised System of Preferences (GSP) for exports to Japan, EEC, USA, Canada and East European countries.

During the year 1995-96 and the period 1.4.1996 – 30.9.1996, as many as 4,59,091 and 2,00,652 GSP certificates were issued by the EIAs, respectively.

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Other Recognised Agencies:

Government has also recognised 21 private inspection agencies and 7 government inspection agencies to supplement the work of quality certification under the Act 15. Agencies have also been recognised for fumigation of export cargo.

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