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Explain why George Washington was so important to the United States?

George Washington at the beginning he did not have so much interest in becoming the first leader of the nation. He was tired after the war. He wanted to retire or leave society behind. But most of the us leaders wanted him to be the next leader because of what had don. He accepted the job and wanted to create a a new type of government.

Describe what were Hamilton plans for anew government?

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Hamilton had a new idea for the government. He always look for ways they the government could improve. He was the type of person who looked to the future. For example he gave the idea to asked support from the rich or wealthy people. He wanted them to get more enterprises in here so people get more jobs and do not leave the country

Discuss what were the advantages of creating the national bank?

Well after congress accepted the national bank and they created good things came. For example people started to ask for loans because they wanted to create their own store. Also it brought many motivation for the people. For example people also wanted a new capital so the created Washington DC.

Explain what was the importance of the cabinet that George Washington created?

George Washington wanted to get build a new government model. For example he got it so they advise him if it was correct to do something. Too they were the ones who gave him ideas of which things were going to create a good profit for the nation. Because for example they had a big financial problem after the war.

Explain why did George Washington wanted to stop the argument of Jefferson and Hamilton

George since he was the general of the continental army he did not like at all the fight in between teammates. He said that it was not logical at all that teammates tried to affect each other. He wanted his cabinet to work the best they could. The reason why they got in this big dispute was because they were arguing why to create the national bank. 

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