Explain birth, implying that all the knowledge we

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in detail what you think that Plato’s philosophical point is in Phaedo –

In Phaedo, Plato’s philosophical point is the death of Socrates. He introduces the thesis of immortality
of the soul in four major argument/theory to that dialogue. The Cyclical Argument, explains that form is unchanging. The Theory of Recollection
subject we possess knowledge at birth, implying that all the knowledge we carry
exist at birth. The Affinity
Argument, explains that Our soul will continue to live even when we die.
The Argument from Form of Life, explains that our soul can never die. Socrates as
we know was Plato’s teacher and is the main character in his dialogues. As part
of Plato’s dialogue, he focusses on Socrates who is
confined in a prison after been sentenced to death for corrupting the youth.

what is he doing in the excerpts of Republic? 

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The Republic written by Plato examines many things, one
major things he refers to is the “Good life”. According to Plato, the result of a perfect
society is led by individual living the perfect life. Within that society, they
would be justice which is also a term their seeking to define. And although
Socrates never really come up with a fixed definition for justice, based on his
argument justice is when the three parts of the soul
(appetitive, spirited and reasoning) work together and act how they are meant
to act. 

How are Meno, Phaedo and Republic related to each other?

Meno, Phaedo and Republic
are all related to each other because they all talk about Socrates. Socrates as
mention above, is the main character of all of Plato’s life dialogues. Each one
presented different part of Socrates life. Meno refers to Socrates views and

Phaedo refers to when
Socrates Plato’s teacher was put to death. And finally, Republic refers to Socrates
last few days/hours before we were sentenced to death. Each dialogue also carry
a mention within itself whether is a way to live life or defining terms such as

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