Exotic and luxurious vacations that include elaborate cuisines,

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Exotic places such as Hawaii and New Zealand captures the attention of individuals that have a  passionate desire to travel. Some people prefer the sunshine and surf with constant crashing waves on the beach, while others favor relaxation and have a sense of appreciation of watching unusual foreign animals. Multiple people prefer a nice and luxurious vacations that include elaborate cuisines, spas, and entertainment. People with an adventurous sense of curiosity want to explore and experience challenges of  unfamiliar settings. Others prefer to explore the unknown and errieness areas like Minnetonka Cave. Minnetonka Cave began to form hundreds of millions ago with aquatic organisms living in the area. According to the Forest Service organization:       The cave’s story began some 330-350 million years ago, when small sea creatures          lived and died in a shallow inland sea. Their remains formed calcite sediment layers that        hardened into limestone. Then about 50-80 million years ago tremendous forces were at        work fracturing and faulting the rock. The rock was uplifted with the mountain- building        processes and became part of the Bear River Range. (n.d.). In 1906-1907 a man named Edward Amell accidentally discovered the hidden cave while hunting for food for coworkers. During Amell’s hunt, Edward discovered a small opening to a cave with a chilly gust, puffing out and escaping the miniscule gap. Several days later, Amell gathered a group of acquaintances and coworkers to investigate the mysterious small opening. The group of men shockingly unearthed a breathtaking, colossal and astronomical cave occupied with stalactites, stalagmites, and helictites which are patterned cave formations. As the men continued their exploration, multiple people began to clear the rocks and boulders to create a path so the group of explorers can resume the investigation the next day without unintentionally backtracking. Once Amell realized the cave appeared to be endless, additional help was recruited to construct steps and a handrail. The steps were created by the actual limestone within the cave and as time continued the workers began to use wood and eventually, metal. Curious researchers began to explore the cave and recognized that as one continues to travel farther into the cave, the individual also travels closer to the earth’s core. Lenart and Miklin acknowledges, “…caves have so far been investigated as unique cases in nature…” (2017, p. 37). The researchers also discovered as the individual advances in the cave, light is non-existent unless one brings an object that provides light. To this day the forest service has not located the end of the famous cave.Minnetonka Cave is fascinating and enchanting, captivating most of the tourists that enter the mystifying cave. The tour guides are remarkingly informational and engaging; constantly adding their personal charm when entertaining the tourists. The tour consists of nine rooms; the Disney room, the bacon strip and the bride and groom room. The Disney room reveals cave formations that are similar to Snow White and the seven Dwarves surrounding her. The Disney room also reveals a infuriated Donald Duck cave formation with a large fault line on the ceiling directly above Donald Duck. The bride and groom room is the most intriguing room. The cave formations show a groom holding a ring and waiting for the beloved bride to appear. The bride is inconveniently approaching the groom from the caves ceiling sluggishly. The tour guides declare the groom will wait approximately 1.2 million years to see the bride. The tour is a great educational experience for various ages. Tour guides will explain how the cave was formed and the history background. The environment and ambiance is pleasant.  The tour guides and service of Minnetonka Cave are welcoming and friendly. Minnetonka Cave has 453 slippery steps in a one way trip. The cave is frigid as the temperature is extremely low. According to the Caribou-Targhee National Forest organization, “The cave stays a brisk 40 degrees all year…” (n.d.). Minnetonka Cave is constantly busy with frequent visitors and often times a reservation is required to tour the grand cave. If one is traveling with a large group, the tours can be expensive and only cash is accepted. Minnetonka Cave is a fun and great way to explore the unknown with family and for those with a sense of adventurous desire. Minnetonka Cave is very informational and entertaining for many tourists. Minnetonka Cave is not recommended for those who have young children and for older individuals with medical problems.          

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