Executive States in Michigan. The company strives to

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       Domino’s Pizza can nearly be mentioned
in every country, as they succeeded to conquer the markets worldwide. Not for
nothing, this company is called the international giant.

” Sell more
pizza, have more fun”

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With its
mission statement, founded in 1960, it aims to penetrate the markets all
over  the world and has been very
successful internationally.

 In this paper the reader will be provided with
an overall overview about Domino’s Pizza’s marketing plan. The main objective
of this paper is to present the company’s environment, in which they are
operating, and their current operations. In the first chapter, there will be given
a brief company background. In the following chapters it analyses the company’s
current situation, including the internal and external environment, followed by
a SWOT-analysis. The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats will be
studied and discussed in this chapter. In the following chapters the marketing
objectives and marketing strategy of the company will be outlined. This paper
will be concluded with recommendations, the company could implement to develop
or to generate a change.


Domino’s is
the second largest pizza  restaurant
chain and international franchise delivery company in the world. The company
was founded in 1960 by Tom and James Monaghan by buying a pizza store called “DomiNick’s”.
In 2016 they celebrated the opening of their 13,000th store and
currently they serve their pizza in more than 80 international markets.1 2 The
headquarter of the company is located in the United States in Michigan. The
company strives to maintain their control on the sourcing and supplying of raw
materials to other major franchises. It is very important for the company to
ensure the product’s quality.3

Domino’s logo had three dots which represented three stores they had in 1965. By
1983, they opened their 1000th store and in May 1983 they opened their first
international store in Winnipeg in Canada. In 1985 they were named
as the fastest-growing company of pizza in the whole country.  Already in the 1990s they opened their 1,000th
franchise store and only 5 years later they could celebrate their 1,000th
international store. Very successfully they opened their 2,000th international
store outside of the US in the year 2000. In 2003, they launched their first
website and since then , the online ordering platform has grown tremendously. They
changed their company name from Domino’s pizza to Domino’s  in August 2012 and improved their non- pizza
menu. It’s menu also included lasagna, pasta, chicken wings, breadsticks and
lava cake. Today they are very popular all over the world. During their existing
they came up with a simple concept of offering delivery and take away including
a very simple menu. In terms of digital platforms they developed very fast.

       Due to their extended menu, apart from
Pizza, they decided to change their name to Domino’s. Their customers should
know that they are not only selling Pizza. Not only that, they also changed and
implemented a new logo with a blue dice with two dots on the left side and a red
dice with one dot on the right side. 4

Mission Statement

     To be the leader in delivering off-
premise pizza convenience to consumers around the world is the mission
statement of Domino’ s company5. Domino’s
will complete their mission by focussing on their product quality and service
consistency. Domino’s will give full attention about their product so that the
quality and service is in a good condition. They will also providing more
variety of product to satisfy customer’s needs. Domino’s will try to provide
more product variety to attract more customers. Next is put in a particular
position team member and their customer safety and security above other
concerns. Domino’s always prioritize their customers, and their team members as
well. Domino’s will accomplish their mission by creating an environment in
which all team members feel valued. This is because all team members have been
work hard for the company and they deserved to feel valued.

          They will also achieve their mission
by creating and maintaining the relationship that reward their franchisees and
other partners as well for their contributions.

Situation Analysis

Internal environment

Organization background

Situation analysis describes the techniques used to measure
the internal and external environment of a company.

Domino’s Pizza Inc. is the one of the biggest
pizza-delivery company in the world.6 This recognition was started when Tom Monaghan
and his brother buying Dominick’s, a pizza store in Ypsilanti, later Mich
Monaghan borrowed $900 to purchase the store.7 The brothers planned to split the work hours
evenly, but James didn’t want to quit his job as a full-time postman to keep up
with the demands of the new business. Later, James Monaghan sell his half of
the business to Tom for a Volkswagen Beetle within 8 months. Tom Monaghan, was
the single owner of pizza company. By 1965, Tom Monaghan had purchased two
additional pizzerias he now had a total of three locations in the same county.
Monaghan decided to share the same branding for the store, but the original
holder forbid him from using the Dominick’s name. One day an employee who back
from pizza delivery has suggested the name Domino’s. Monaghan directly liked
the suggestion and officially renamed the business as Domino’s Pizza, Inc. in

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