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Executive summary

The report explains about the leading retail corporation of the world ‘WALMART’.







Overview of business:-

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It is an American multinational corporation that operates a chain of supermarkets, discount departmental stores and grocery stores. Since Sam Walton’s idea of low prices in the 1940’s, Walmart has been one of the largest public corporation with headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas, United States. It has around 2 million employees worldwide with 90,000 employees within Canada alone. Walmart is the largest chain with most number of the employees and with the maximum revenues. Walmart operates in 28 countries. Walmart entered Canada by purchasing 120 of 142 Woolco discount stores from the Woolworth Corporation in 1994.



Walmart’s intention is about helping people to save money and even creating job opportunities, better environmental sustainability, and better environment and trying to lift the society as well. The company’s slogan is “Save Money & Live Better”. Walmart is completely successful in saving money of masses and serving them better with good quality of goods and services.



Walmart entered Canada in 1994, with its headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario. In the past two decades they have opened more than 400 stores in Canada and have an enormous increase in number of associates. Walmart is holding the position in the top most influential brands of Canada, with the largest associates (95000). Walmart is service provider as well as supplier to many other departmental stores and it have business with 6600 Canadian suppliers. Walmart even operates online at Walmart.ca and daily this site is viewed by 600,000 Canadians. Walmart Rewards MasterCard was launched in 2010, and is gaining its popularity year by year.


Service Experience:-

My experiences with Walmart superstores are always great. Every time I go to a Walmart store I find a new innovation technique brought by them. Last sunday I went to Walmart with my roommates to buy the household stuff. We went to the Scarborough town center location. The store was neat and clean. It was a two storey store and they had electronic ramps (elevators) so that we can take our carts easily to the other storey. As it was Sunday, the store was super crowdie, still I was able to spot service providers of Walmart in every section. The queue at the billing counter was too big and the best part was that they had a new section where you can do the self-checkout. This was the best ever service I got from Walmart as it saved a lot of time.


Customer Service Strategy:-

1 The global impression of the company’s strategy is great. They want to provide goods to the customers at cheap rates. The quality of the goods is always good.

2 Ecommerce facility- Just sit at home and you can get any product and goods delivered at your place in no time. They have a facility of express shipping which is quite impressive. Online shopping saves a lot of time of the customers these days. The return policy of Walmart awesome, you can return or exchanged the item within 90 days.

3 Loyalty programs- we can earn points if we shop from the Walmart rewards master card. We can use these points in which the Walmart stores to buy any products. Buying from rewards master card helps to save more.

4 Employee training- Walmart train its employees to a next level, as Sam Walton believes to have his philosophy in his employee. They spend a lot of resources in training the employees.

5 Focusing on customer service- Customer service is the main agenda of Walmart, this is the only reason they spend a lot on training their employees. Customers are greeted well in every store and those who cannot come to stores for them Walmart has its online site Walmart.ca from where they can buy their goods easily and at same prices.

6 Improving groceries- Nowadays people are becoming more health conscious so Walmart is bringing fresh and organic products to its customers.

7 Recommendations- Mainly Walmart Stores are quite huge, so we believe is they should organise their items more perfectly and install more sign boards so that items and be easily be accessible.


Competitor Analysis:-

Walmart falls under the category of supermarkets and grocery stores. They deal with variety of products like:-

·         Grocery

·         Furniture

·         Electronics

·         Clothing

·         International goods

·         Cosmetics

The main competitors of Walmart are-

v  Costco wholesale corporation

v  Sears Canada

v  Canadian tire corporation

v  Amazon.ca

There are various other competitors of Walmart like Dollarama, No-frills, Food basics, shopper’s drug mart & etc.


Competitive Advantages:-

Ø  Over 400 stores in Canada

Ø  Fast online deliveries

Ø  Best return policy

Ø  Offer wide variety of products

Ø  Canada’s leading company

Ø  Low priced goods

Ø  online shopping (walmart.ca)

Ø  successful supply chain management


Competitive Disadvantages

Ø  perception of quality due to low prices

Ø  poor customer service

Ø  High maintenance fees.









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