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Executive Summary:
Teletech Corporation, 2005



Teletech Company has two major
operations: telecommunication services and Product & System. While its
telecommunication services has grown by 3% from 2000 to 2004 with a revenue of
$11 billion and earning a return on capital of 9.10%, its Product & Systems
segment had also grown with an increased in sales of 40% in 2004 and a return
on capital of 11%. However, one shareholder, Victor Yossarian, has asked the
company to sell its Product & Systems segment and only concentrate on
generating value to the shareholders. Teletech decided to use a hurdle rate of
9.3% in order to evaluate its performance and help determine its decision
revolving around its capital spending. With a required rate of return of about
9.3% and a calculated WACC of 9.303%, it shows that Teletech business units are
not creating value for the company. Due to creating so little value, Teletech
share prices have not been growing as fast as the market/industry prices. With
this information, Teletech Company must decide whether to keep using one
constant corporate hurdle rate or if they should use different hurdle rates for
each segment.

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Using two different hurdles rates for its departments,
would allow it to determine the most efficient way to allocate capital and it
will have a better reflection on how each unit are performing individually.

I would also recommend Teletech Company to use a
risk adjusted hurdle rate since a constant hurdle rate does not compensate the
risk. By using a non-risk adjusted hurdle rate, we are able to determine that
it will actually undervalue its telecommunications services department

By having an individual WACC for Products &
Systems operations, we are able to see that it is actually underperforming
compared to its telecommunication service. With this, Teletech can now address
it by using an individual WACC.

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