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It is a requirement for all students to ensure that they strictly follow the guidelines given in the syllabus when preparing for exams. The syllabus should guide all students on what to expect in an exam and what would not be included. This is important because it is through syllabus that the administration and the entire education fraternity can test the wits of students. Syllabus is therefore a guide to both students and teachers.

As students, we highly appreciate the fact that the administration has availed to us a complete syllabus from which we can easily refer. This helps learners to know what is expected of them in every stage of study. We also appreciate the fact that the administration and the entire teaching staff are very keen to listen to, and act upon our concerns. The entire fraternity of this institution strives to make positive changes that would give us a better image in this country as an institution of higher learning.

As our instructor, we appreciate your effort to ensure that we get the necessary knowledge and subsequently good grades that would make us excel in our final grades. As our instructor, the entire class always takes your statement seriously. We do this because you are our immediate guide. When it comes to exams, you come above any guideline that could have been given either by any instructor or by educational official. However, there are many reasons for this.

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First, as an instructor, you perfectly understand your class as far as our level of understanding is concerned. Because of this, you would know what would be suitable for an exam meant for this class. You know what should be tested, the time and depth of the exam. You also understand the expectations of the syllabus and therefore any deviations from it would always be out of good reason.

As our instructor, you play a major role in determining the type of exams we sit for at every stage. We therefore have no reason whatsoever to doubt any single instruction you provide concerning exams. It has always been your wish to see us pass as was witnessed in the previous exams. Moreover, you have always worked very hard to ensure that we excel in your units and we highly appreciate the effort. We therefore have all the reason to trust you. We also have an obligation to obey whatever instruction or advice you give us as a class.

You informed us that exams would strictly cover the units we did this semester. We had no reason to think otherwise. As we were eager to pass your unit, we concentrated on what you said. About a third of class members restricted their studies to this area, and those who went beyond in their studies did that for a general understanding of the topic. Several students in this class are stating that they recall when you made this statement in class when we were approaching the exams.

When you look at the past records of our exams, you will realize that we have maintained positive performance all the years and in all exams. This exam, as you well know, means a lot to our career. A failure will be a big blow to our overall grades and this may mean that more time is to be taken to complete the course. It is for this reason that we seek your audience and request for a consideration over this issue.

The exams have been done and we may not change that fact. Neither are we able to change the fact that we have failed the exam. We therefore come not to complain but to seek avenues through which our case may be addressed amicably. We appreciate the fact that exams have very strict rules.

Once an exam is taken, it may not be easy to redo it. However, we request that this be treated as a special case. This is because we did not get the opportunity to give out what we had learnt when the exam came. Therefore, this means that the results of the exam do not give the true picture of what we gained in the course.

For this reason, we are kindly requesting for a retake. We would appreciate if you will give us another opportunity to show our potential. Kindly organize with the exam body so that we may be allowed to sit for another paper for the same course at a time that would be convenient to you. We would not mind about the nature of the exam, as long as it is within our syllabus.

Alternatively, we request that you consider grading the overall exam on a curve. As can be seen from the past records, our performance has been good. It would be fair if a curve showing an average of all performances in this unit would be used to get the final mark for this unit. We highly appreciate you effort throughout the semester.

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