Advertising the sales. During its history, advertising had

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Advertising today is an effective and powerful method of promotion. It is a collective term for every public announcement which is created in order to promote the sales or services. During its history, advertising changed the various form and tools from the pictures in the steels to the modern online facilities. Using the different methods and techniques, advertising strives for attraction and attention of people, persuading them to buy even those products which they do not need.

Advertising today is a perspective investment and an inseparable part of every business structure. Each year, companies spend millions of dollars on advertising of their products. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of advertising within the modern society as the main tool of persuasion of the audience and advancement of the companies and their products.

Dr S. Kaptan identifies the advertising as “the new and socially accepted tool for formation of opinions and collective decision making” (2003, p. 1). An article American Advertising: A Brief History indicates the difficulties of the attempt to define the term of advertising. Usually, it is a desire to persuade the audience to buy goods or use the services. However, the history of advertising development demonstrates that for a century this institute built its reputation without an evident appeal for the sales.

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During its history, advertising had to respond the business demands, providing the new technologies. The evolution of this institute demonstrates that while the methods and techniques were transformed, the main purpose is always the same: an attraction of the audience. In Ancient Egypt, people carved some special public notices in the steels.

Today, there are social networks and other web-sources. Such evolution from the steels to digital tools had a number of steps. In colonial America, the most frequent type of advertising was an announcement of goods Benjamin Franklin in his Pennsylvania Gazette provided headlines and illustrations, he incorporated the advertising and editorial materials (“American Advertising: A Brief History”). In the XVIII-XIX centuries, advertising was served in order to notice about the slave sales or their escape.

The market revolution of the middle of XIX century provided the new methods of the use of advertising. In the second half of XIX century newspapers and magazines started to publish many announcements supported by the illustrations. Since that, advertising became the professional duty and started to consider as the significant tool with the powerful effects. In the 1980s, industries provided the new techniques of advertising.

Creating the standardized products, they needed to find such form of persuasion that could effective within the increasing offers and demands. Companies stated to use the mail-order catalogues. Suddenly, the advertising agencies turned into profitable business. Newspapers and magazines marked out a big space for the advertisements, paying attention to their design and creativity.

At the beginning of XX century, the most popular goods and services to advertise were the automobiles, radios and the different activities like sport and films. The rise of mass-culture in the middle of the century provided the new facilities and requires. Since that, advertising as an institute had grown massively. New media facilities allow delivering the announcements immediately. The development of Internet changed the face of advertising, supplying it with an outstanding power.

Every business structure today understands the importance of a good advertising planning. It may take a lot of work, but the benefit is worth it. Paying for advertising today, companies make sure of the increasing of the customers’ number tomorrow.

The target audience is key aspect that should be taken into consideration while preparing the advertising. The best offers always should count the benefits of the clients. Even a highly creative and well-planned advertising does not work, if it has a little value of the audience’s needs. As it was mentioned before, advertising today is a significant part of every business.

The economic consequences of advertising are well-known facts. It affects the total demand, benefits, the ration between spending and saving (Liljenwall, 2004, p. 58). This institute plays a significant role in establishing and supporting the products. Market power of the company has a straight relation with its advertising planning.

It is clear that companies use only those arguments which can help achieving the better results. Therefore, advertising planning includes all strong positions of the company and its products. Today, the main goal of advertising is a differentiation of the particular goods and services among a wide range of the similar products. The cooperation with clients by the use of advertising makes company competitive within the industry. All economical strategies incorporate with advertising.

As a powerful tool of persuasion, advertising had a long evolution process from the ancient pictures on the steel to the modern high-tech facilities. It is a profitable business that helps companies builds the successful relations within the particular field. Moreover, advertisement can be considered as a perspective investment. Obviously, the importance of this institute can be overestimated due to its outstanding advantage and convincing effects.

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