Evidence present my project. The journal highlights patient

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Based Practice


based practice in nursing means incorporating values from patients and research
to make choices. Better health care outcomes matter under EBP. Nurses should
evaluate conditions and propose solutions that safeguard patient health.

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Journal of Nursing Education is one area to present my project. The journal
highlights patient health issues and best practices. The journal presents an
opportunity to share my nursing experience with other professionals. Interacting
with nursing professionals will assist in understanding current issues and
challenges. The Journal of Nursing Education will encourage me to raise performance
standards and undertake critical evaluation of issues (LoBiondo-Wood &
Haber, 2017). The nursing profession has changed and through making this
presentation, knowledge will emerge. The dissemination will improve my
understanding about health care and collaboration with nurses. The Journal of
Nursing Education will improve my awareness about health care issues and future

conference on American Nurses Association is the second target for
dissemination of my project. The ANA conference takes place annually and presents
an opportunity for me to inform others about my work. Speaking at the ANA
conference will encourage me to develop leadership skills and support
implementation of health care policies (Sherwood & Barnsteiner, 2017). The
choice to present at the American Nurses Association conference is better
because of interacting with professionals. Learning from other nurses during
the conference will boost personal growth. Attending the conference will
improve my awareness about health care trends.

based practice matters to Registered Nurses with a Bachelor of Science in
Nursing. Sharing information is one way of integrating evidence and encouraging
it within my work environment. Technology will enhance information sharing
among health care professionals within my organization. Movement of information
will highlight problem areas and solutions. Nurses will follow procedures
stipulated leading to improved patient outcomes (Adam, 2017). Collaboration
among nurses will assist in developing professionalism in health care.

second method of integrating evidence is utilizing current research to address
patient challenges. Patients face problems and the best approach to assist them
is using research findings. Nurses should work together to manage patient needs
and boils down to research materials. Nurses should communicate ideas from
research sources and use them to address patient challenges (Nieswiadomy &
Bailey, 2017). Deliberating issues can help nurses to manage challenges and
make the right transition. Application of current research provides nurses with
an opportunity to learn new skills and help them diagnose patient problems.

obstacle facing integration of evidence in my work environment is resource
issues. Nursing organizations have raised concerns about funding problems that
hamper them from accomplishing their objectives (Adam, 2017). Registered nurses
point that resource constraints affect implementation of choices among health
care professionals. The second obstacle is poor technological adoption. Health
care organizations have not implemented technology in their operations and this
could affect integration of evidence. Technological problems affect
implementation of EBP considering the inefficiency of operations.    


discussion on evidence-based practice has shown implications on health care.
Nurses should make choices depending on prevailing circumstances and meet patient
interests. Presentation of my project to the Journal of Nursing Education and
American Nurses Association conference will spearhead knowledge about health
care. Integration of evidence by Registered Nurses promotes good health
patterns. Resource and technological issues reflect obstacles of integrating
evidence in the work environment.  

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