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 Everybody should have heard about the case of
the sexual harassment allegation involving the American movie mogul, Harvey
Weinstein, which happened late last year. The Miramax and the Weinstein movie
Company co-founder, who shines in the spotlight as the face and voice of the
company compared to his quieter brother and partner, Bob Weinstein. ( ) Harvey,
who was born in the year 1952, got into the Hollywood scenery and film
production alongside his brother in 1979 ( ) and since then they’ve made a
remarkable fortune and fame for themselves with movies like Good Will Hunting,
Shakespeare in Love, Kill Bill, just to name a few. He enjoyed much success and
affluence up until last year, with just 2 months left in the year to round up
his 38th year in movie production. Then the shameful news hit the air. Ashley
Judd and Rose McGowan were the first set of victims to break the silence in an
obvious whisper that had caused so much pain to a lot of actresses for decades.
The news of his sex scandal went public and spread quickly like wildfire
encouraging so many other victims to come out with their stories.

 The claims that actresses and workers in his
company had encountered different forms of sexual harassment and rapes, dating
as far back as 1980, were disconcerting. He came out to apologise for the pain
he caused but refutes the fact that he had any sexual relations that weren’t consented
to by the victims. Over 80 women came forward to start a revolution against the
menace and their voice was heard as it cost Harvey to lose his position and
memberships in the Weinstein Company, The Producers Guild of America, The
British Film Institute, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences etc.,
as well as losing many other honorary awards and honors received in the past.

 The Me Too hashtag or simply #Me too became
viral on social media rapidly with other celebrities supporting and spreading
the awareness. Popular actresses like Lupita Nyong’o, the 12 years a slave
actress, Lena Heady, the popular actress from the HBO TV series – Game of
Thrones among other also gave their voices for the sake of comfort and
empowerment to the cause. Other parts of the world, including Russia, embraced
the slogan in no time even coming up with their own versions in their language,
#????? meaning #Me Too.

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 Renowned Public figures like Hillary Clinton,
Michelle Obama, Barrack Obama and Tom Hanks have all spoken about the need for
a drastic change in handling these cases of harassment and rapes. Mr Hanks told
the BBC in a recent interview that “We’re at a watershed moment, this is a
sea change. Another notable figure that recently gave her voice to the fight is
Oprah Winfrey. During her acceptance of the lifetime achievement award at the
Golden Globe, she gave an acceptance speech that echoes the drive of the
initiative, “Time’s Up”, a movement set up in response to the
Weinstein scandal in order to fight sexual harassment and support the victims.
She delivered a speech so powerful that sparked speculation relating to her
presidential aspiration. She said and I quote, “For too long, women have
not been heard or believed if they dare speak the truth to the power of those
men. But their time is up. Their time is up.”

left the stage with a standing ovation and the speech was welcomed with great
reactions from a lot of people. But, there was a very unusual one, being that
of Seal. The British musician and one of the coaches on The Voice Australia
posted a meme, which had Oprah and Harvey photographed side by side with his
caption suggesting that she was part of the problem because she did nothing
about it before the recent development. Although, he came out again to clarify
his actions, stating it wasn’t an attack on Oprah Winfrey but a commentary on
what he perceived as hypocrisy in Hollywood. This statement really comes to
show that Harvey may not be the only culprit but he is facing judgement because
he was caught. The problem is more like cancer that has spread and it is the
time that we all speak up and effect a radical change, through proper education
and actions.

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