Ever since I was a little kid, I

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Ever since I was a little kid, I knew I had an inkling for computers and the way they function. Looking at my elder cousins curiously delve into their projects from college, only made me more interested towards wanting to know more about the forces acting upon the development of a new gadget. In this age of continuous technological innovation, having to see a new gadget emerge every other day and being puzzled by its technological marvel, I knew I had to be a part of the revolution and the same aspiration drove me to apply to University of Missouri Kansas City.With my passion for computers and electronics I got into my desired stream at the time, Electronics at Marri Laxman Reddy Institute of Technology, not a big name when it comes to engineering colleges in India, but I knew that with the right motivation and thirst for knowledge, one would definitely feel home at this place. And hence, my engineering program began with budding expectations of building robots and different kinds of projects.Under graduation Projects and ExperiencesMy college didn’t have much to offer in terms of research prospects, apart from the regular academic course work. I, on the other hand, was more interested in building something that’s fun, useful, and bring me some kind of recognition that separated me from the rest of my class. So, I started my research for the perfect project to start my work on. Neither too simple nor too advanced, my eyes landed on this web article on my 21″ desktop screen which had the heading “Build your own line tracer”.  After all the planning, soldering and debugging, I wrote my first Arduino code and after many attempts, I was successful in programming the bot to follow a black line on a white background. From then on I’ve worked on projects like “Home Automation using MQTT protocol” and “Autonomous Street Light Technology”. Working on projects was fun, but I learned that I have to expand my coding skills to work on much more complex projects.Final Year ProjectI started concentrating more on concepts of programming languages, learning something new each day, practicing all that I’ve learned while allocating time for my academic schedule. I’ve decided to test myself for my final year university dissertation, by working on a project “Gesture based Semi-Humanoid Robot using Kinect Depth Sensor” that I always wanted to work on. Nobody that I know of has ever seen a robot imitate a person, let alone build one in real life. So, I knew it was going to be a challenging task with the support and the time frame that I had. This project needed high analytical skills, good imagination and most importantly programming skills in Java.Nevertheless, with the assistance of Dr. S V S Prasad, two fellow students, and many YouTube tutorials, I worked on the project and in 4 months’ time, we built a robot (my friends called it a motorized aluminium skeleton) using aluminium bars attached to 8 strategically placed servo motors representing shoulder, elbow, hip, and knee, on both left and right hand side of the body, so as to replicate a human skeleton. Then, when the person standing in front of the Kinect Depth Sensor (KDS) moved his/her hands or legs, the Kinect sensor would pick up these movements and the angle made by the said body parts will be calculated by a program that I wrote using KDS open libraries for Processing tool and are sent to the robot in real time, which would rotate the corresponding servo motor to the angle received and give a feel that it is imitating the movement of that person’s body. In a nutshell my project was a skinnier, more power hungrier and a lot more real version of “Atom” from the movie “Real Steel”.My job in the team was to take care of the programming part, the key variable required to drive the motors and also see to it that my teammates don’t run into a stone wall while working on their tasks. I represented my college in many Robo competitions held at different colleges taking the First prize in most of them. By the end of my under graduation, I mastered a good foundation on concepts of computer networks, computer organization, wireless communication and networks and programming languages C, C++, Java.My Journey as a Full Time Employee at Cyient Ltd.Having worked for over two years as both a Software Developer and Component Test Engineer at Cyient, I gained good insight into software development and testing processes in alignment with company’s business goals. My responsibilities involved developing high quality software solutions with agility and security using consistent software development and testing practices and deliver software design specifications and test reports. It has also helped me develop a thorough understanding of the business processes and project handling.The time that I’ve spent at Cyient, is the most intriguing that I’ve ever been. I was exposed to various software development and testing technologies like Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visio, VectorCast, IBM Rational Doors, Eclipse and Synergy. I’ve worked on component testing for various mass rapid transits across the world like “Bay Area Rapid Transit” (BART, San Francisco), Klang Valley, Malaysia and Delhi Metro, India. After working for 1 year as a component tester, I was given an opportunity to develop Rail Control Solutions for “European Railway Transport Management System”, and I’ve been working on it ever since. This opportunity has amplified my understanding of the communication between Vehicle and Wayside Automatic Train Protection and also helped me hone my programming skills in C and C++. My perseverance to excel has earned me the recognition of “Top Performer of 2017″Apart from my regular work at Cyient during the past year, I’ve been a part of Data Awareness and Network Security team. A team that was entrusted with the job of training associates to focus on effective data security awareness that enables them to figure out where their most valuable data is located in the network and how to protect it from a potential breach. This program has given me an opportunity to teach others the safety precautions that one can take to keep their network safe and avoid malware attacks. My keen interest and participation in extracurricular activities like athletics, basketball, and cycling have aided me in the overall development of my personality and my habit of reading books has helped me expand my English language proficiency, which is quite evident in my TOEFL scores.My Further JourneyAs I was working on a project in my cubicle, alone on a Sunday evening, I’ve realised that no matter how much practical and domain knowledge one has gained, it all renders to nothing without the in-depth knowledge and actual conceptual skills that can only be attained in an academic setting. I knew my further working at Cyient wasn’t going to help me in achieving that goal. With strong foundation and practical exposure to technology I want dive further into the world of computers. Databases, Distributed Systems and Computer Networks have always captivated my interest at work. The projects I worked on revealed to me that there is enormous potential for research in these areas and now I would like to put my entire focus to deepen my knowledge and explore them. I firmly believe that Masters in Computer Science with specialization in these areas would set the perfect environment for me to proceed with my intense interest of research in them and would help me to make a career out of it.I strongly believe that University of Missouri Kansas City is the right place to hone my skills and undertake a comprehensive research in my areas of interest. The eminent faculty, the coursework and research facilities at your university are apt for me to achieve my goal of excelling in the field of computer science and make a significant contribution to the field. I am fully aware of the commitment and diligences required for graduate program; and believe that my intellectual ability and motivation will see me through the challenge. I hope to have a long and mutually profitable association with your esteemed university.- Hari Kishore Thadisetti –

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