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Ever since I was a child i have been self- reliant and this has led me to seek new experiences and pursue my dreams. However, I have now realized that, given the intensely competitive nature of the workforce at present, an undergraduate degree alone is insufficient for meeting my goals and career objectives. I believe that a global exposure will widen the way I think and it will help me in meeting new people, discovering new techniques and learning new culture   and I have thus decided to pursue my master’s degree in Australia in order to enrich myself with professional expertise in a multicultural environment.
After completing my schooling, Business Administration (BBA) was always the first path that I wanted to choose as my career option. I completed my bachelor’s degree from University of Lucknow, India. This curriculum gave me a thorough knowledge at both managerial and administrative levels. My course work helped me in channelizing my education, and helped me towards the fondness of the subject. My fondness is quite evident through my work experience all throughout the last two and a half years where I helped a lot in my family business. My family runs a small business, which was their dream project. What began as a small School, massively turned out into a great institution? After gaining my bachelor’s degree my family wanted me to support them in the business, as I am the only son in the family I had no option to decline the offer. My sisters are too young to get into the business, so all the hopes were bestowed upon me.
I had a wonder experience working for my business. I learned how my course work from the university helped me in gaining a practical approach in my venture. I had to face new challenges almost every day. I learned new techniques about how to tackle problems and find suitable solutions for them. My uncle, who is a veteran in this field also helped me in learning new techniques, which one can never learn in the class room. Under his guidance I feel blessed and enlightened, and now I have a firm believe that how practical knowledge can very much be different from a theoretical one. I managed the school, I used to check the accounts almost every day, I was the one responsible for advertising, I also had full details of the logistic department as well, I used to go through the resumes of the teachers who used to apply at our institution, from this I had the privilege to learn about Human Resource as well. As my bachelor’s degree was a simple one i.e. with no specialization so we used to study every aspect of Business Administration, and I believe that being a jack of all trades and master of none gave me an edge, and it immensely helped me in prospering my venture.
Now that I have a thorough understanding of theoretical as well as hands-on experience of practical aspects of Business Administration I feel that I am prepared to begin the next step of my professional development, which is the pursuit of a master’s degree in the same discipline. I feel that it is important to build upon my previous training, hard work and education in a stimulating and invigorating atmosphere full of manifold viewpoints and diverse ideas. Gaining a master’s qualification in the same discipline would be ideal for meeting my educational goals.


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