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The reasons the colonists rebelled against the British in 1776 were many. Unfair taxations, violations of human rights, changes in the British military policies, and a long legacy of both religious and political ideas prompted the colonists to break away from British rule and declare their independence. Taxation was clearly one of the major factors that led to the colonists' rebellion. In 1763, George Grenville became the prime minister of England. While in office, he noticed that England was spending four times more in the colonies than it collected from them. Also, England was in debt due to the French and Indian war. He felt taxes should be collected from the colonists. He passed the Sugar Act in 1764, which put a tax on foreign sugar and molasses. He also set up the Stamp Act in 1765 that required the colonists to purchase stamps for anything written or printed on paper. The Townshend Acts also put a tax on glass, lead, tea, paper, and dyes.
The colonists were not pleased with these new taxes. Before, the British policy was one of salutary neglect, which meant that they left the colonies alone and did not interfere with their affairs. Now, not only were the colonists being taxed but they were also not fairly represented in Parliament. Colonists declared, "No taxation without representation." The British argued that they were given virtual representation in the government, which did not sit well with the colonists. Some merchants even boycotted British goods to show their opposition to the new taxes. Protest groups, such as the Sons of Liberty were formed. In order to stop the Tea Act, which had made the British East India Tea Company a monopoly, the Sons of Liberty went aboard the British ships and dumped 90,000 lbs of tea into the water. In response to this bold act, the British passed the Coercive Acts, which were renamed the Intolerable Acts. These acts closed the port of Boston until the tea that was lost was…

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