Euthanasia? special warm connection to them throughout

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In the
future, I hope to work in a veterinary practice, before opening my own practice.
As I develop further experience I also hope to specialise in large farm animals
and equine and maybe even open a large animal practice. Lastly at a later stage
I am hoping to travel to expand and strengthen my knowledge as well as adding
new experiences of different cultures of the world and I am hoping to be a part
of an animal care organisation held abroad, saving lives of those who are in
other less developed countries.


Recently I completed work experience at a local pet shop, where I obtained new knowledge
and skills as well as handling different species from rodents to birds and
reptiles. For example, I learnt that when you slightly pull the back-neck skin
of a cat or kitten, if it does not immediately fall back into its normal form
that it means that it is dehydrated. To get rid of this dehydration I fed a
kitten glucose water with a syringe. Similarly, turtles need UV light in their
tanks for their shell’s strength and protection, if one does not have UV light
the shell gradually becomes damaged and softens which is not healthy for the
specie. Working at the pet shop confirmed my desire in the animal field because
I really enjoyed every moment working with animals and had a special warm
connection to them throughout my time there.

veterinary studies I am especially excited to learn about the animal anatomy
and physiology, neurology and special nerves/senses. I particularly enjoy the
fact that in this course you are not limited, you will be able to analyse and
work with many different species, from small animals such as dogs and cats to
large farm animals and equine. To enhance my knowledge in this field I have
read up multiple online articles about the responsibilities, advantages and
disadvantages of the career, such as bites and scratches to the rewarding
emotion you feel when saving an animal’s life. Another
thing that has inspired me has been reading the experiences of previous vet
students studying for the career and the ones who are pursing the career.


features within an animal supports evolution as it allows them to survive and
reproduce. For example, for survival 60 percent of Alaskan Wood Frogs freeze their bodies.
Alongside they additionally stop breathing and their heart stops beating. This lets
them survive very cold temperatures. In spring, they thaw out and “come
back to life.” This semi-frozen state occurs due to, high concentrations
of glucose (up to 10 times the usual amount) that build up in their organs and
tissues. The sugar solutes prevent their cells from shrinking or dying. This
is significant as it shows that even animals put up fight against complications
of the world in order to reproduce and evolve/ 

For example,
the animal stress response and the outcome of stress on an animal’s body
are spectacularly like stress’s effects on humans; stress results in the body releasing
adrenaline and cortisol hormones. These chemicals cause heart rate and
respiration to increase, and limit the immune system. Stress also clamps down
on the reproductive system, plummeting libido and reproductive hormones, which eventually
increases the risk for cardiovascular disease. This shows just how relatable
animals are to humans, it is also mind-blowing because a stressor that affects
a human negatively also has the same effect on animals, animals are able to
pick up stress in people, dogs and cats are especially very good at this.

Understanding and practising animal biology is very fascinating, seeing their differences
and similarities to humans would be incredible and pursuing this course will enable
me to this.

multiple pets as a child I have always loved animals and further grew this
interest when I visited a Veterinary Practice, where seeing the vets in their uniforms
displaying a very close relationship with the animals made me consider this
option as a profession in the future. Furthermore, I also enjoy watching animal
wildlife documentaries such as ‘Brave Wilderness’ and ‘Bondi Vet’. From these
documentaries I have learnt that dogs have 8 blood groups and that for the
first transfusion the donor’s blood type does not have to match. This is a
piece of information that really highlights how astonishing and unique the
animal biology really is and it shows just how different it is to humans. I
find this profession very rewarding and interesting because it involves having
practical hand on hand experience with animals and you potentially have the
chance to treat sick animals and bring smiles back on pet owner’s faces.


I believe
enabling and saving the lives of vulnerable species who are ultimately going to
evolve is just as important and significant. For this reason, at university, I
would like to take up a Veterinary studies course.

The Earth is a household to more than 1 million identified
animal species, all in which have evolved through generations. Evolution
is an amazing process where the genetically fit are fortunate enough to further
evolve into generations and pass down their characteristics. As selective
breeding is a major component of evolution, it is important to acknowledge the
genetic drawbacks and difficulties animals face, an example being inherited
epilepsy in some dogs. A seizure happens when the cells of
the brain become excessively excited and exceed what is named a “seizure
threshold.” This is a drawback for these dogs; in selective breeding
these dogs will have a lower chance of being chosen and evolving as the
epilepsy characteristic is not desirable. This has risen my interest in animal
well-being and being able to give animal such as dogs with the epilepsy
condition the best chances to evolve with fit genetics and be chosen in

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