Introduction the propaganda of democratic ideas and beliefs

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Research questions. Is hacking an internationally accepted concept? Can hacking be positive for security systems of different corporations and how? How the global community can encourage hackers to cooperate in improvement of security systems? What are the main goals of hackers when they break security systems of international corporations? What are potential threats of hacking if it is performed by competitors/enemies/terrorists? Working thesis. The possible advantage of cooperating with hackers for security systems mangers of international organizations and governmental organizations is the probability to recruit them and use their knowledge to empower different organizations to improve their security systems to prevent vulnerability of these systems and possible leakage of information with regard to the threat of terrorist attack.

Problem Statement

The problem concerning hacking exists since the late twentieth century but now it is based on the lack of knowledge and skills in professional system engineers who work for international corporations and governmental organizations. As such, investigation should include assessment of the technological basis of the organizations and their knowledge management and recruitment strategies opposed to advanced level of hackers who crack security systems all over the world. Besides, possible cooperation of hackers with terrorists and other organizations and people that impose potential threat on security systems of the countries should be excluded by recruiting hackers by government agencies and international corporations.

Rationale for Study

The reason for conducting the research is the emerging number of technological innovations that increase the possibility for security system invasions and the hypothetical ideas of recruiting hackers so that they work for privately own and governmental organizations.

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In this respect, hackers can be hired on legal basis to cooperate with security system managers to improve the measures adapted to these systems.


Method of inquiry. The method for the research includes analysis of secondary sources as the research questions are not aimed at evaluating the possibility for cooperation and percentage of hackers that may agree to work for government. Besides, assessment of research questions is planned to be performed with the help of previous researches conducted on the concept of hacking and their motivations and ethical issues. Previous research. The previous researches concerned the development of hacking in different periods, namely, 1980s and 1990s when this was perceived in different ways by the community, non-governmental and governmental organizations. In other word, different authors attempted to label hackers as crackers or advocate for the positive influence of hacking as it contributes positively to analysis of gaps in security systems of different organizations.

Literature Review

The resources reviewed for this research proposal include articles from scholarly journals and conference proceedings. For instance, Roberts and Webber (2002) elaborate on the ethical issues and importance of practical experimentation in analyzing vulnerability systems. So, this study advocates the hackers’ activity while the report by Stockwell (2008) is aimed at dwelling on the role of hackers in society with regard to the propaganda of democratic ideas and beliefs and the nature of hacking and their ethos for knowledge and desire to examine their skills.

Expected Outcomes and Limitations

It is expected to review the sources available on the issue of hacking in terms of positive and negative perception of this social phenomenon. The limitation includes inability to demonstrate cooperation of hackers with government in practice due to theoretical nature of the research.

Reference List

Roberts, P., & Webber, J.

(2002). Virtuous hackers: Developing ethical sensitivity in a community of practice. Australasian Journal of Information Systems, 9(2), 172-177. Stockwell, S.

(2008). We’re all hackers now: Doing global democracy. Proceedings of the CreateWorld08 Conference, 7-10 December, 21-20. Retrieved March 17, 2011, from

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