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The question arises is that why is secondary education not compulsory in India?

It is essential for the citizens of India to be knowledgeable in our complex modern democracy. All the citizens of India, literate and illiterate are capable for having right to vote. Primary education by no means can make an individual capable of choosing the right leader for their country.

It is only through secondary education that an individual becomes capable of understanding the complexity of politics and political processes and thus becomes capable enough for casting their vote in the right favour. In essence, the citizens as a whole decide the future of India and it is sad to say that the future of India apart from a section of educated individuals also depend upon the majority of illiterates and these half-literates.

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India is a developing country and all of us nurture an India of our dreams which will be listed as a developed nation instead of a developing one. How can this dream come true? One of the factors which can make this dream come true is the emergence of more and more highly educated individuals.

Highly educated individuals in different fields will not only help in converting India from a developing to a developed nation but also increase the status of India in the eyes of other nations. No longer will the picture of poverty and illiteracy will flash in the eyes of the people of other developed nations as a result of which never in the future will India be addressed as a poor or illiterate nation. Secondary education is the only solution to this major issue.

Every company or industry with employees requires perfection in particular skills and field of work. It is impossible to master majority of these skills if one has not gained secondary education in his or her life. This fact not only implies in case of an individual who seeks employment but also in case of understanding the complexities of life and the issues which surround us.

For example it is difficult to explain an individual who has not gained secondary education that what is for instance the GDP of our country as compared to other countries. Even if an individual with primary education understands this issue he or she cannot provide a solution to this problem.

More and more BPO’s and MNC’s are developing in India as a result of which highly qualified individuals are required to work for them. Post -graduation is only possible if an individual has at least completed his or her secondary education.

So it can be said that as a result of education and secondary education as a matter of fact the status of an individual, a family, a society and the nation as a whole will be developed. Secondary education is a pre-requisite of any kind of development be it for the individual or for the nation as a whole.

India is a land of religion. Many individuals believe in unnecessary superstitions and dogmas and the primary reason of believing these dogmas is the lack of sufficient amount of education. It is noticeable that educated individuals do not believe in such superstitions and dogmas and thus refuse to accept them at all.

It is common sense that our nation will develop surely if individuals gain secondary education as a result of which they can question on the basic grounds of such beliefs and refuse to accept and follow anything which is inhuman or wrong.

The self-confidence of an individual with secondary education is immense as compared to an individual with primary education or in some cases no education at all. A person who has gained secondary education has the understanding of all the happenings in the society, country and the world as a whole as a result of which he or she is in a position to question any authority in general. Only an individual with secondary education can gain this amount of self-confidence in each and every walk of life.

Yes it is the duty of an individual to understand the importance of secondary education; but first and foremost, it is the duty of Indian government to make secondary education compulsory in the country. If secondary education is made compulsory and government schools for free secondary education are established then India as a whole will definitely progress in a decade or two.

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