Extracted the relationship between individuals. Not only is

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Extracted from a number of sources like blood, saliva, hair, razor clipping, a DNA rest not only helps in understanding genetic relationships but also help a great deal in controlling functions that the cells perform, in turn helping to understand their ancestry. DNA is also important because it is present in every single cell of our body; it helps in the growth and repair of all the body organisms. Found in all living organisms, nucleus of chromosomes and some viruses, DNA is essential biologically for the life of an individual. Surprisingly the DNA of an individual also contains the complex information about their behavior and nature in addition to analyzing the patterns of their anger. Today, DNA test is conducted in a number of legal cases to understand the link between individuals especially in cases when individuals deny being the legitimate parents of a particular person. Police investigations in most of such cases rely on the evidence of these DNA reports in order to find out the complete truth behind a relationship mystery because DNA is the most reliable technique to understand the relationship between individuals.

Not only is DNA helpful in reveling the genetic reason behind a relationship but it is additionally helpful in carving out a solution for the abolition of these diseases. A number of pharmaceutical drugs are developed by the scientists because of the conduction of DNA tests and these drugs in turn help in curing genetic diseases. In essence DNA helps in transferring the hereditary information and in the production of proteins in a human body of all the medical tests discovered in the history of science, DNA test can be said to be the most important one.

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