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Studies reveal that children fed breast milk at this important stage grow up healthier and stronger than children fed formula. They are able to naturally develop resistance to many illnesses including gastro-intestinal illness, allergies, asthma, diabetes, obesity, childhood cancers, respiratory and urinary tract infections and SIDS.

Another important advantage of breast milk over formula, breast milk is easily digestible by baby’s stomach, nature intended babies to be fed breast milk, therefore their stomachs are equipped with the right enzymes to properly break down and absorb breast milk. On the other hand formula, made of cow milk is new to the child’s system and their stomach have not developed the ability to properly digest and absorb cow milk, therefore there are complications in digestion and the baby loses out on important nutrients and antibodies needed for optimum health.

Opting for breast milk over formula has a lot of benefits for mothers too, studies shows that it reduces the risk of developing illnesses like diabetes, postpartum depression, and reduced risk of breast, ovarian, cervical and endometrial cancers.

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The skin to skin contact between mother and child during breast feeding raises the mother’s oxytocin levels which helps the mother’s milk flow and make her calm, scientists say that during breast feeding the mother and child develop a special emotional bond that lasts lifelong.

Breast feeding is cheaper and more convenient for mothers than formula. By choosing breast milk mothers save money that hitherto would have be spent on formula, they also save time as breast milk does not need to be prepared.

The society benefits from mothers breast feeding rather than feeding children formula, the energy and resource used up in producing, packaging and distributing formula can be used for other purposes.

Mothers are more productive because them and their babies are healthy and would not need to take leave from work for health reasons as may be the case a mother who feeds her baby formula.

Government funds for supporting mothers with formula and taking care of them when health complications arise can be put to other use for the benefit of the society.

Nature is indeed perfect and works for us when we follow her rules.

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