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The continued existence and interaction of all life forms in beneficial to man in various ways, both direct and indirect. The presence of a variety of life forms provides an opportunity to conduct researches and gain scientific knowledge which may be beneficial for our survival. Some of the most important advancement in health and medicine has come from studying other life forms. Although we may vary externally, our internal biological processes are quite similar, this is the reasoning the theory of evolution is built on. The presence of different life forms gives us greater chances of withstanding and recovering from any disaster that may befall our ecosystem.

The varied life forms that surround us are the source of important resources and materials we need to survive and operate our industries. All our food comes from plant and animal sources; if these life forms were to cease existing man would follow them in a short time. The giant industries that power our economies rely on vital raw materials from these life forms, our civilization and the structure of our society would considerably change with the loss or decline of these raw materials.

Their utilizing benefits aside, our environment and the varied life forms it supports has been a source of relaxation, inspiration and comfort for man for many years. The scenery of sites and the behavior of certain animal species has been muse for many artists. Everyone who has ever been in the jungle speaks of the endless peace and tranquility that is present in there, some of the most beautiful sights and sounds are can be found deep, deep in the jungles.

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Man has so many unanswered questions about existence, from experience knowledge of our nature can only be reliably gotten from other life forms similar to us, who may be at a different stage in evolution, thus rely on and highlight the use of particular organs and processes. Realizing the interconnectedness of all life forms, it is reasonable to say we would never get to completely understand and master our existence on earth without the active influence of other life forms.

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