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For children around the ages of 4-14, art can be a very important tool in these years referred to as formative; the effect of education and involvement in art at this stage of a child’s life is life-long.

By understanding how art works, the child learns to be inquisitive and observing, combining each component together to create the art piece or performance the child learns to reason, as he/she continues and successfully creates art pieces or performances he/she develops his/her power of imagination, intuition and confidence, ultimately forming his/her own outlook and personality. Studies show that children involved in arts at this early stage of their lives generally perform well in school including in subjects such as mathematics and science, they are also very friendly and grow to develop charismatic personalities.

For people around the ages of 16-25, knowledge of arts can be very useful. At this age people seek to develop a unique expression and personality, what better way than through arts. Besides being a possible career path, education in arts broadens the mind, introduces one to new ideas and perspectives, it assists one in developing the habit of critical thinking and questioning, good communication skill and dexterity. Young people of this age involved in arts are confident and excel in their academics.

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For individuals of 25 and above who may have already completed their schooling and are involved in a career path, art education can also be beneficial. Art can be a medium to relax and de-stress from a tiring endeavor, art can be a reliable muse and an effective socializing tool. Knowledge of creating an art piece or performance arms us with a perspective we can apply to other encounters. It can also be a way for retired people to indulge themselves and earn a living by teaching it.

These benefits notwithstanding art is generally perceived as an idle pursuit and for many years schools did not have art education in their curriculum, today that trend is changing and arts is now being taught widely, but we are reminded of old perceptions when art is eliminated from the curriculum for financial reasons or art class time is eliminated for some other “more important” subjects.

Art is about creativity and creations, so somehow we are all artists because in everything we do we are creations creating.

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